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Legion of the Daimyos

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Legion of the Daimyos

Legion of the Daimyos is a complement to our standard Samurai Invasion. There are two prerequisites to participate, however; you must have reached level seventy and be part of an alliance.

When you start this event for the first time, you will see four Daimyo castles and four townships. Your mission is to defend the townships against the Legion of Daimyo and counterattack their castles.

The initial level of difficulty for this event is quite high. The enemies of rank one in the Legion of the Daimyos will have the same difficulty as the highest in the Samurai Invasion. So be prepared!

Townships :

You will have to send troops from your castles to defend the townships. However, you must maintain a clear supply line for each township. Therefore, it is only possible to send troops from a single castle to a township. Your troops will not have much time to travel to these; in fact, they will arrive there instantly. The tools do not even need to be sent. The tools in its main castle are also available for use in the townships.

The townships are classified from one to four. The higher the rank of the township, the more difficult the attack that has to defended. So make sure you garrison them properly by paying close attention to which troops go where.

The townships will be levelled for the successful defenses. You will get Shogun points according to the level of the township and its rank. Once you have achieved enough Shogun points, the township will level up for you. This in turn causes an increase in difficulty due to changes in units and commander statistics.

Now that you have garrisoned the township with troops, you can provoke the Daimyo Castles to attack you. As I mentioned before, this is going to be difficult, so be prepared. Once the Daimyo troops have been defeated, you can not make fun of them instantly. There will be a recovery period, which will increase according to the castle range.

One last word about the townships, these are not powerful castles and strongholds and, as such, there is a strict limit on the amount of troops that can actually defend them. The townships have a maximum number of troops that can be parked there.


Feeling brave? Well, you definitely are if you're going to take the fight to the Daimyos in their castles! There are four castles to attack. These are also classified from one to four and again this reflects the difficulty. By attacking them you can level them up. However, this is based on a number of factors rather than simply defeating the castle.

The rank of the castle and its level are the main determinants of the amount of Shogun Points that you will receive after a successful attack. This is similar to the way in which townships are levelled up as described above. Once you have passed a certain threshold of Shogun points, you will activate the castle to level up.

Once the castle is activated, there will be a slight but noticeable increase in difficulty with the castle and the townships. The troops and the Castellans will improve and, over several levels, you will see the difference.

After an attack, there is always a cooling period based on a range of castles.

Alliance Contracts:

Now to the real meat of the subject: Alliance Contracts. As an alliance you will be presented with eight contracts. You will compete together to complete these, as well as a normal search, and each completed contract will grant you a point of war effort. At the end of the event, alliances will be classified according to the war effort they have obtained. The rewards will be awarded at the end of the event and will be part of the coins of our alliance that can be used to buy new Temporary Alliance Buffets. There are three of these and they mainly affect events.

Difficulty level:

We have released this complement to the Samurai Invasion deliberately higher than previous events. As mentioned before, the first range of difficulty for the castle is roughly equivalent to the highest range of difficulty in the Samurai Invasion. The difficulty of the Township defense is not easily comparable, but do not expect it to be a push! Legion of the Daimyos has four difficulty ranges for castles and townships. If you attack a castle of rank four, you should make sure you have the best possible set of equipment.


Your Empire Team.

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