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idea: Spending Vip time / points

Would be nice if we were able to use our VIP time and VIP points...

VIP level 10 is reached when 500.000 VIP points are obtained, anything above that is "useless"

The time skips obtained by rewards are much less than before. Would be great if we were able to use VIP Time to purchase time skips :hushed:
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  • LagerthaLagertha Posts: 973
    Thanks for an idea suggestion.  I will make sure to note this week.
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  • The points aren’t useless to everyone. Only to those with stacks of vip time left. Don’t forget when the time runs out(a long way off for many players, but not all), the points are depleted by 5% a day so all points over 500k prolongs level 10.

    exchanging time or points is a good idea though. In my opinion the whole time skip feature needs a massive overhaul.

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  • vonclis (AU1)vonclis (AU1) AU1 Posts: 1,194

    Careful Cosmo. Usually massive overhaul tends to be interpreted as let's take it away. You will have to be more specific , otherwise we asked for it.

  • Lezley (GB1)Lezley (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,623
    edited 28.06.2019
    It would be nice if time skips were just time and when we skipped it just removed time, rather than having to pick which skips we want to use (and for skipping buildings it left you with just the free time left).
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  • zeverso (US1)zeverso (US1) US1 Posts: 416

    You don't always skip the full time. Unless they let me select specifically how much time i want to skip , i prefer the current system better. Less lag when using them would be appreciated though, they take like 3 seconds to apply, when you use a bunch its very annoying.

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