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Let us choose which soldiers to use on wall

Title says pretty much everything.

The veteran swordsmen are quite decent defenders but useless because royals take the advantage on the wall.

Another case is when I have veteran defenders and i have a not so strong attack coming my way. I would like too, move my veterans in the courtyard and not to send them out of my castle to remove them from wall (save them).

Has been suggested few times as usual rarely some useful reply.


  • Schofield (US1)Schofield (US1) US1 Posts: 96
    edited 24.06.2019

    Royal sentinel is 12 points stronger in melee defense and only 7 points behind in range defence than the vet sword. Plus royal sentinel eats half as much food per hour so theoretically your could hold twice as many... Let's not have GG tinker with anything else, who knows what we would end up with.

  • Yes, however you only want enuff veterans to fit on the wall, royals will do the job in the courtyard :)

    Besides, if they let us choose u can still keep royals if you want.

  • HadrianHadrian Posts: 445

    Its definitely not the first time this has been brought up. I do agree you should be able to choose and your feedback will be shared.

  • HadrianHadrian Posts: 445

    That's why specific feedback is needed for things like this. Before feedback is shared it would be nice to know how everyones feedback is on this matter before submitting and specifics are appreciated.

  • MrChaos (SKN1)MrChaos (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 189
    Like i said in another thread about Which troops starve first, make it configurable, it's soo simple, but then again it would mean less revenue to GGE, so there is no way in hell it will ever get implemented.
  • Any news on this, was this even suggested?

    I and probably others too, don't want to lose veteran defenders while defending a royal tower against spam attacks. It's not only about royal towers and veteran defenders but it would give us, the players, a bit more to think about, after all its a strategic game.

    And finally some of other defending soldiers would have a meaning for existing..

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