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Shadow Society (INT 4) Recruiting!

Shadow Society are disciples of the Shady Lady, and we do her bidding, above all else. Non-aggression Pacts (NAPs) are for mutual benefit, and are few and far between. We serve Chaos, and have no time for peace, or it's followers. Peace is a falsehood, in a land of war. This is a land of war, and only warriors need apply.

We are currently open, and accepting, new members. Level? Doesn't matter. Experience? Doesn't matter. We will teach you to level. We will help you learn. Know how to level and already a Veteran player? Then please apply, and consider being more than a member. All administration roles are currently open, and the potential for promotion is great, especially for Veteran players seeking a change of pace.

Tired of the Care Bear alliances telling you how to breathe and how to enjoy your time in the game. Don't do this, don't do that. No more. Embrace Chaos, serve the Lady of Shadows, and join Shadow Society.

Our rules? Yes, we have them.
1. Speak like a diplomat, as you will always be a representative of Shadow Society.
 2. Honor our NAPs. We only have NAPs, not allies. NAPs are meant to be mutually beneficial, and can be made, or terminated. It is the member's responsibility to know, and pay attention to, current diplomatic relations.
3. Be free! Kill who you want, when you want, for whatever reasons you may have. The only exception is NAPed alliances!

Who am I? I am Ice Age, a returning player, who has been playing this game, off and on, for many years. More off, than on, due to work, life, etc. Recent events have given me enough free time to play the game, as well as lead, as often as I like. So, rather than play boring games, I prefer to bring an element of role-play to the game. Serve the Shady Lady, kill everything, and give the "good" guy, Care Bear alliances that dominate, some sort of challenge. Should the alliance succeed, it should be a lot of fun for us all. I should also mention that Ice Age is a new name, and I have only used it on INT4. Any similarity to anyone else, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

We'll speak as a diplomats, and serve as agents of Chaos. Abandon all hope, because if you see us coming, it's already too late...


  • Ice Age (INT4)Ice Age (INT4) INT4 Posts: 6
    edited 21.06.2019
    For all those wondering, late at night, not sleeping... Shadow Society is doing well! We currently have 11 active members, 2 NAPs, and about 30 wars. As it should be. All is well in the lands of Chaos. Recruitment is still open.

    Whether ye be friend or foe, enjoy your game. And, happy hunting. }:)
  • Ice Age (INT4)Ice Age (INT4) INT4 Posts: 6
    Open recruitment phase has ended. Currently at 14 of 15. Saving a spot for someone awesome. If that person is you, apply, and be patient. If there's multiple applications, I'll open more slots. }:)
  • Ice Age (INT4)Ice Age (INT4) INT4 Posts: 6
    Decided to reopen recruitment. Set to auto-accept. Only interested in ACTIVE PLAYERS. Thanks, all.
  • Ice Age (INT4)Ice Age (INT4) INT4 Posts: 6
    Too many jumpers. Apply if interested, details and expectations on the alliance home page. Try to be level 10+, or at least growing fast. Thanks. Happy hunting.
  • Ice Age (INT4)Ice Age (INT4) INT4 Posts: 6
    Open recruitment, again. No active players who want a little freedom and fun? Hit up Ice Age on INT4! Been around for a while... One pact with some good people, and three Non-aggression agreements. The rest are fair game. Only hardcore players need join. I don't mean hardcore as in playing the game, 24/7, I mean hardcore as in being an intelligent war strategist, a silver-tongued diplomat, and knowing when to be a warrior, or a diplomat. If you have a mind, and the will to dominate, you have a home in our alliance, Shadow Society! What are you waiting for? }:)
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