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Hi all, I need some advice. We've had some new guys come in to our alliance and yesterday we had a mix up... One of the guys was given an op from his old alliance then accused of stealing it, he got hit and retaliated which ended in a double tap (newbies got carried away and wires crossed) so we sent over res, gift and apologised. Now we have a level 30 who has set up his own alliance called bullied by u m and so far has hit one of my players (the same one) 50 times and counting. We aren't retaliating or sabotaging just defending. Any body else had similar? 


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    Player who is now bullying my guy is called PLAYER NAME REMOVED. 50+ hits in one day plus repeated sabotage making my player not want to play anymore, tried to report to gg but forms aren't working again  
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    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble but I can’t let you name and shame people on here I’m afraid. It’s against the Community Guidelines. 

    Unfortunately I find that the only thing you can do with people like that is ride it out. Support won’t be able to assist unless he’s breaking game T&Cs
  • If you have friends in other alliances you can strategize an attack plan against the instigator. If he gets hit numerous times by players from multiple alliances, he may stop.  Just a thought.
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