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  • Aur I'd recovarrse itni kyu gaand fati hai tum bkl ki.... Kyuki pata hai LK aayega aur tumsabki Bari Bari se bajaega... Just imagine ki Abhi LK I'd k Bina ye haal hai his din I'd recover ho gayi us din kya hoga.... Ha ha ha
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    @Barbareeek (IN1) why don't you use  English ? Or perhaps you don't want good game studios to know that you are being abusive in forum ?!  
  • @lankeshwar (IN1)we feel sympathetic towards your loss. Hope you will take care of your ID by not sharing the access password with anyone else and obey rules and regulations of good game studios :) 
    Request ggs once to check all ids of dark terminators and all those ids found multiple logins should be blocked forever immediately.
    then i will agree your consent.
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    @Parusharam (IN1) without sharing password how is it possible to hack ? You seem to be enlightened with knowledge... Perhaps you can share it with good game studios ? 

    I have posted here to show my sympathy for @lankeshwar (IN1) ID as he has been very vocal about his situation in game in forum. Hopefully good game studios solves the issues and helps many players. 
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    @lankeshwar (IN1)  I urge good game studios to check every ID in server and check for authentication sign-in through any methods possible so that this multiple log-in in a server can be avoided. 
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    @Barbareeek (IN1)we have even seen @lankeshwar (IN1) literally bowing down to @tamkohi (IN1) . ;) Don't think that we have forgotten.... 
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    @Parusharam (IN1)  you were the one who was stating that you want to counter me in real life... Get a life man... This is just a game... and keep the game as game itself. The quicker you realise it it's good for you and also for others ...since you have started threatening people through WhatsApp messenger, beware that people may take legal actions. Be a mature and good gamer instead of feeling like a God, because you are not one. If you are still in the bubble...I wish you that you may recover from such hallucinations quicker and lead a good life. 
    We all play this game because we enjoy the little aspects of this game. This applies to you also @lankeshwar (IN1) . Any comments @bwm (IN1)

    Once again hope everyone who has lost their IDs, got their IDs destroyed may get compensations from good game studios. 
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    @elang (IN1) 3 different devices...for this game alone ?! Are you jobless by any chance ? Or perhaps your alliance has started to provide actual job where in you play this game 24*7 in different devices ? 
    I sincerely wish you get a good job and lead a happy life ...and play this game as a ruby player .  :) 
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    @Niladry (IN1) why don't you comment from your own account ? Or perhaps you are so accustomed to @Parusharam (IN1) ID that you have lost your own identity  ? 
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    Hey guys,

    I am sorry to hear that someone's account has been "hijacked". It is very nice of the topic starter to inform us about this. Unfortunately, there is nothing the board team can do about. The affected person/account has to get in contact with our customer support. Everything that's being discussed there should be confidential and is nothing we want to discuss here on the forum tho.

    Lagertha already linked our security advises HERE and we urge everyone to have a look at it. It is very important that you understand how to keep your account safe!

    Thus, I will close this thread now, seeing it became quite a bit off-topic, unfortunately. And again. if you experience strange behavior with your account, please contact our support and they will have a look at it.

    area area area area area
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