December Update Notes

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Brave Warriors,

Prepare for our December Update because this one is all about conflict and all-out war!  

We welcome the return of our Outer Realms for its second run, but in addition, we also have the first run of our Kingdom's League coming up! 
We mentioned in our November update notes that some selected servers will be able to test the Kingdom’s League during December 2018, but be assured that the other remaining servers will be able to test this feature from January 2019 onwards!

In addition to that, we’ll also introduce our recently announced Private Resource Villages with this update! If you want to take a closer look at a detailed description of this new feature then you can always find it here!

So, let's take a look at what's coming with this month's update:

Outer Realms - Second Run

We're going to have the second run of our Outer Realms event coming up with this update!
It's going to be very familiar to how it worked in the second run, but we were able to implement some of the feedback and suggestions that we received from our global communities (their respective discussion threads)! Let's show you what we mean by that: 

 Event Start Improvements:

We improved our new Outer Realms event in many ways, yet let us begin with the improvements that you'll notice at the very start of the event and even before: 

This will be our new teaser for our second run of the Outer Realms, which will give you a quick first overview of what this event is all about! 

This will be the starter quest for our second run of the Outer Realms event. You'll complete this quest by joining the Outer Realms event via the event button, which will be shown to you in the lower left corner of your screen. 

Once you've entered the Outer Realms, you'll be greeted by this "Welcome"-message which will provide you with the most important details of the event on two pages of "Intro & basics"! 

General Event Improvements:

From now on, you won't have to play through our tutorial and start from level 1 anymore! You'll be able to start with a prebuilt level 11 castle, which will look like the following:  

In addition to that, you'll also receive 3000 wood, 3000 stone, 2000 food, and 2000 coins to start with your adventure right away! 

Furthermore, you’ll also be able to see all rewards in-game via your Outer Realms event overview which will look as follows: 

Our second run will also include the currencies which we recently announced for our new relic building type. You will be able to obtain the necessary construction tokens and upgrade tokens via your rank rewards. Construction tokens will be used for constructing the new relic buildings and upgrade tokens  will be used to upgrade them.

For a detailed overview of the Outer Realms rank rewards please click on the following spoiler 

ParticipationWheel of Fortune 
Tickets x 100
100000Wheel of Fortune 
Tickets x 150
75000Wheel of Fortune 
Tickets x 210
50000Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 290Wheel of Fortune 
Tickets x 270
Tier 9 Catalyst x 2Construction 
Token x 30
Token x 200
25000Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 300Wheel of Fortune 
Tickets x 330
Tier 10 Catalyst x 2Construction 
Token x 60
Token x 250
10000Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 350Base food production 
build item level 10
Tier 10 Catalyst x 2Construction 
Token x 90
Token x 300
5000Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 400Base food production 
build item level 10
Tier 10 Catalyst x 2Construction 
Token x 120
Token x 550
2500Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 450Base food production 
build item level 10
Tier 11 Catalyst x 4Construction 
Token x 140
Token x 600
1000Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 500Base food production 
build item level 10
Tier 11 Catalyst x 4Construction 
Token x 160
Token x 650
500Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 600Base food production 
build item level 13
Tier 11 Catalyst x 4Construction 
Token x 180
Token x 700
250Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 700Base food production 
build item level 13
Tier 11 Catalyst x 4Construction 
Token x 200
Token x 750
50Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 800Base food production 
build item level 14
Tier 12 Catalyst x 6Emblem of the 
Outer Realms
Token x 220
Token x 900
1Goddess of NaturePublic Order: 900Base food production 
build item level 15
Tier 12 Catalyst x 6Emblem of the 
Outer Realms
Token x 240
Token x 1200

There will also be a mini-event in our Outer Realms event which will grant you a point multiplier for the remaining duration of the event!

New Building - Relic Greenhouse

You will be able to upgrade this building and increase it's level, up to a maximum of level 20. By doing this you will not only increase your food production (Level 1-10) but also your food storage capacity (Level 11-15) and your public order (Level 16-20)!  

Along with this new building, we're also going to introduce two new types of currency

 Construction tokens 
 Upgrade tokens 

As you might tell by their names, construction tokens will be needed to construct this building, whereas upgrade tokens will be needed to upgrade this buildingthus increasing its level! You will be able to obtain the tokens in both our upcoming Kingdom's League, as well as in our Outer Realms event! 

If you want to take a look at a detailed listing of both the requirements per level up and the bonuses, then please open our following spoiler: 
Upgrade Tokens 
needed for level-up
Food storage
capacity increase
Public order 
Might value
Level 2501961100
Level 3502041150
Level 4502121200
Level 5502201250
Level 6502281300
Level 7502361350
Level 8502441400
Level 9502521450
Level 10502601500
Level 116026710001550
Level 126027420001600
Level 136028130001650
Level 146028640001700
Level 156029150001750
Level 167529670002601800
Level 177530190002701850
Level 1875311110002801900
Level 1975316130002901950
Level 2075320150003002000

Kingdom's League - First Run

This update will also mark the first official run of our Kingdoms League, where the PL (Android) server will be able to test this event out.
The start for all other Servers is currently planned for January 2019, but please also keep in mind that the PL(Android) server currently isn't able to participate in the Outer Realms as well. 

We already announced the functionality and mechanics of this new league system in our November update notes, but if you want to take a closer look into the description of the Kingdom's League again then you can find it here

New Skins

This month's update will also give you the chance to obtain new skins for your world map appearance, as well as a new skin for your farm

Construction Item Skin: 

Construction Item Skin: Winter farm

Worldmap Skins

Skin-Artifact: Winter brew

Castle Skins 

The plan is to release this update next week. We will start with the update procedure early in the morning between 9:00 CET and 13:00 CET. The downtime is expected to be around 30-60 minutes long. Of course, food and booster will be frozen during that longer downtime. But as always, do not take the aforementioned times as guaranteed, be aware of possible delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Your Empire Family

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