Reevaluate "RNR" Alliances

To the moderators,
Why are there so many RNRs? Why do they take monuments and other features of the game? Aren't they supposed to be resting?!
Why do specific RNRs  (Dead Rising US 2) hide behind a rest alliance and yet attack castles multiple times? Why can you have multiple accounts and attack from 1 and hide in the other? This is a nasty alliance that likes to bully smaller alliances and is very disrespectful to female players. They give true RNRs a bad name!


  • what is "RNR" an abbreviation of?  what are they?  don't think we have them.
  • RNR stands for rest alliances. It's actually an abbreviation for rest and relaxation. These alliances are for people that need a break but don't want to leave the game. 
  • WillyWiz (NL1)WillyWiz (NL1) Posts: 479NL1
    RNR is not an official game concept of GGS. So GGS will not intervene in this. But I guess each server has these alliances 'in rest'. How these are treated on each server depends on the server (specific) wide agreements made.

    But I guess it is either resting and not participating in PvP or it is not resting. You cannot do both. That would disqualify an alliance as a RNR.
  • Burn them all
    And after that burn them again 
  • I hit them all the time for resources and to stir up trouble when the game get boring. I don't think it's good for the game. Either play and fight or don't and get burned. 
  • If a rnr hits you hit them back.  Also if bigger teams bully burn their rnrs or they will use the troops recruited in the rnr against you like wanted does. Wanted Sent two other teams after me too. 45 to one. Lol then add night destroyer in gamer alliance and monte. Well 47 to one. Bigger alliances hit you in smaller alliances because they like bullying smaller alliances into their families. And gg helps them with alliance bonuses that smaller teams can't get.
    after seeing the top don't care to be there because if they don't agree with you they will bully you out with words. They are like high school all over again! But yeah only top alliances agree on rnr rules and other fake rules implied in us2. I've been attacked any time I've went to rnr so no point in having them so I hit them. Just be ready for the butt hurt babies at top who disrespect smaller alliances rnrs but whine when theirs are hit. I don't have much respect since few respect when I went in one. Can list every family for rnr violations, village Theifs and more. Make your rules best to only respect those who follow rules they set.  So far got almost every top team painted red and Neutral is for teams that don't whine about hits. Man you should hear top whine for one hit 40000 troops but whining about one hit back.
    Sherie @ GG 2
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