Do you still play because you like this game, or because you are part of an alliance?

I read several times on this forum that players only continue to play because they like the players in their alliance. Is that a general feeling or does the majority here still like the game as it has been evolved over the years and now celebrating its 7th anniversary?


  • Because of the alliance, the social part of it. The game is getting worse by the minute it seems.
  • The alliance community that united and keep people together for years is what is still keeping this game alive ... The problem is that many are on the edge bettwin leaving the game and still going... And with all this stupid updates that gg is trowing .. That decision is easy to take .. Therfore many are leaving the game .. And not much is coming back ... Before all ally had academy's were the noobs were learning how to play... Now all this training grounds dissappeareared and were replaced with hospitals...
    For a ally to survive this days is only if they mearge with other in the same category... 
  • Not for nothing, but it is feasible to take your alliance to other games and stay together...I've seen many groups I've been with do this and try to get me to come along.  But at this point it is ONLY the people that keep me around.  This should always be in the back of GG'S mind because it is always in most of ours
    Camp Pulaski @ GG 2
  • I enjoy most of the actual gameplay mechanics, but it does get repetitive over time, so the social aspect and the leaderboards (i.e. for might and events) keep me in the game.
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