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BadGames Studios...new updates are going to hurt this game.

Charlie Wilson (US1)Charlie Wilson (US1) US1 Posts: 27
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Good Games has made some relevant changes recently to improve the game...for that, thank you....

The latest updates, while some are bringing features the community has been waiting for also bring in a wave of decreased value.

1. Let's start with the removal of EQ sets from events that are now ruby only for above level 70 players...bad move! For the non-buying or casual spender, these were great chances for them to have something to be competitive with against those of us who do buy. It was a fighting chance & increased the odds of PvP play from those players. For some, that was all they needed to get the spending bug & buy more. 

Now, pre level 70 players can obtain this EQ for free? Really, we are ok with creating a gap for any player who recently made level 70...

2. Recent changes to the tiered deals...those higher bonuses look really good...until you throw a little math at them. A 500% bonus ran for 2 hours versus a 250% bonus for 10-18 hours...yup, no where close.

Matter of fact, it's far less. It would only take 3.5 hours of hitting at 250% to achieve more rewards than hitting at the same rate for 2 hours at 500%.

Let's do some math! 
Nomad example

75 base tabs for a maxed camp average
50 hits per hour

75×50+500%=22,500 tabs per hour

75×50+250%=13,125 tabs per hour

So a 500% bonus for 2 hours will net you 45,000 tabs.

A 250% bonus for 3.5 hours will net you 45,900 tabs & you would still have 6.5-14.5 hours of bonus left. To make some lunch, take a nap & come back to hit more...

So while a 500% bonus is a nice option at certain times, like the last few hours of an event or maybe the player with limited time...it should not have taken the place of the previous offers.

3. The new tiered deals come with fewer troops in the packages...again, just another way we have devalued what players have come to expect when we spend money. These troops promote PvP play & keep that aspect of the game alive when so much of this game has changed to be events & NPC. For many of us, the PvP is a major reason we still play.

4. The announced changes to the Wheel of Fortune...I can only imagine this will be the same as the new tiered deals...less value.

They are raising the amount of tickets needed for each type of spin by 10× the current amount...they said they are reducing the cost of buying tickets...hmm, unless they are giving us more than 10× the amount for the same amount spent it's not a reduction at all. Instead it's just another play on words & less value. 


Additionally, for all those players sitting on thousands of tickets...will those tickets be prorated to the new value? My 10k tickets went from 333 spins to 33...

So, while I would like to say thanks to GG for some of the recent changes...some of these changes are nothing more than you devaluing our actual cash spent...which is very ironic since you are now bringing back the wishing well after telling us it had to be removed because it was devaluing your in game currency, lol.

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