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so as I've been looking at various guides and reading through the forums Tips & Strategy section. I've notice one major theme. Everyone has various opinions on Dwellings. It seems to be like the most debated topic that I've seen thus far (there could be another topic that is more so, I'm just saying from I've noticed). Some say you shouldn't have any. Some say just have them long enough to complete the quests that involve Dwellings, then demolish them. Some say only have them in your OPs....

So what I was hoping is that someone could give me a a more decisive tip on whether I should have Dwellings or not. I am currently level 23 and I have 7 in my Main. I just built the 7th one in order to complete a quest that requires me to have 7 of them upgraded to level 6. I also have 3 in both my OPs. So what is the opinion on how many I have. Should I keep it as it is, or get rid of some? I'm all ears!


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    It is good to have as many as you need for the quests at lower levels and they provide a lot of coins through taxes, but once you level up you should demolish them for multiple reasons
    1: They take up space that can be used for decorations for a higher PO
    2: Population decreases PO and thus food production
    3: The coins earned from taxes are comparatively small to what an active player can get hitting NPCs. Nomads give about 25k coins per hit for a level 70 player, and other NPCs give out a lot as well. The coins from taxes are good for lower level players, but at higher levels they cannot compete with the coins looted from NPCs. Thus, they are a waste of space and should be demolished when the quests for them are done and you feel that you no longer depend on them for coins and replaced with decorations.
  • So I should keep the ones in my main for now while I'm questing but afterwards demolish them all. And I don't need them at all in my OPs. Correct 
  • Lezley (GB1)Lezley (GB1) GB1 Posts: 2,652
    I would say it was personal preference on whether you want any dwellings in main or ops. Game makes you build a lot, which affects public order. So personally I would at least demolish some, but also if you not in massive hurry to level up, you may be able to ignore some of the tasks.
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  • Complete your mission and destroy them all. On higher level they will be usefull and actively participating in events will pay off more

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  • I destroyed them all before I had completed all the quests. But not until I was high level and getting plenty of coin from Nomads. 
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