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Workaround for not received support mails

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Dear help-seeking Warriors,

It has come to our attention that some of you have to wait in vain for a response from our support or have support emails classified as SPAM. This is always annoying, and we understand that some of the affected players are losing hope. But do not worry, we have heard you and we are trying to fix the issue as soon as possible for everyone.

We want to provide some tips and tricks on how to deal with this problem on your side. In this example we are using GMX and Gmail:

Please go to your appropriate Email portal and log-in with your credentials. After that follow the settings for


Click on Settings

Chose “Whitelist”

Put the following Email/Domain in:


Click on “Save”


Click on the cogwheel in the upper right corner and go to the “settings”.

Click on “Filters and Blocked Addresses”

Click on “Create a new filter”

In the “From” field write *@goodgamestudios.mail.helpshift.com

After that click on “Create filter with this search”

Click on "Never send it to spam" and confirm the new filter rule with "Create filter"

Depending on your Email provider, these settings are also possible with others. Just look for your whitelist or filter rules that can handle SPAM. The result should be that Emails from *@goodgamestudios.mail.helpshift.com are not classified as SPAM, otherwise they will not be visible in your email account.

Your Empire Family

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  • AlpinoloAlpinolo Posts: 3,691
    Hey guys,

    Currently, there seem to be some problems with sending replies to our support tickets. Many of the cases reported to us were sent via the respective provider email app on the mobile device, which looks like the apparent problem here. For some reason, these emails in particular do not reach our support. We are already in contact with HelpShift to solve the problem for you.

    Affected are, among other providers, the GMX and Web.de apps.

    As a workaround, we recommend all those who have sent a response 5-7 days ago via the mobile email app of their provider and have since been waiting for a response from the support, to send their response once again on the ticket via the web interface of their email provider.

    As soon as we have news, we will announce it here.

    Apologies for the circumstances.

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