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The nomad castellan set and samurai commander set was introduced with Khan update and was promised  to start from August update.
I haven't seen any new set available  in nomad for us to get. When can we collect them?

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  • Samwise_GamgeeSamwise_Gamgee Posts: 607Moderator, Bugwatch
    Also, here's a nice preview of the fully upgraded Samurai set as a bonus :)

  • protestor (IN1)protestor (IN1) Posts: 4
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    pls show the full preview of the new super commander too
    "the elementalist "
    i'm excited to buy

    please improve courtyard in that set too
    as i calculate,there is only 100 or 105 courtyard bonus
    where as in new fl commander"blood crow"
    there is 110 courtyard

    so,i m requesting u too increase the courtyard of new supreme super commander"the elementalist",
    so that we can get feel that we investing ruby in good thing,which will help us
    otherwise who will buy that commander in 2.1Million ruby nd it wont be best commander of server:/
    atleast give 150plus courtyard
    50 plus flank
    30-40 pecernt flank
    then it will be a good bundle and many more will like to buy too

    these days, defense soilder consuming 3 food only,so it is easy to keep 20-30k defense with 10-15 attckers in green only

    people use to defend any incoming from 20-50k def
    atleast give a commnader which can give heavy damage to this type of defense:)

    otherwise i buy 2-3 new mega commander 
    because mega is cool
    nd more good than elemetalist(according to now)
    mega equips+fl hero+ mega look+3 lvl 10 gems of courtyard +1 lvl 10 gems of flank 
    119 courtyard nd 44 flank
    where as 
    the elemantalist gives 
    105 courtyard nd 44 flank only

    mega equips cost 1Million only
    nd i can get lvl 10 or lvl 9 equips by forging
    now days it is easy to get lvl 8 gems forge it lvl 9 for 25k ruby only
    so ruby cost is .1M million only
    look .1M
    approx 10.2M for crazy set which is much better than the elementsalist
    so why to invest more,for elementsalist
    thats why i m saying to increase stats of elementalist

  • Samwise_GamgeeSamwise_Gamgee Posts: 607Moderator, Bugwatch
    Hey @protestor (IN1) ,

    I think you misunderstand what my job is. I am a QA Technician/Game Tester, so I have nothing absolutely to do with designing or programming or the stats of the game. I am on the Forum only to look for Bugs, and nothing else. Anyways, this is the fully upgraded "Power of the Elements" set:

    For the feedback you mentioned above, a Community Manager should be able to help you.

  • What's the new nomad cast set Gona  be like 
  • sir Rubio (US1)sir Rubio (US1) Posts: 685US1
    People won't get 20k d if you village jump them just a little hint . 
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    What's the new nomad cast set Gona  be like 
    link for the set is here.

    Personally i think it is a good set like kala but need to be in top100 for continuous 8 events.
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  • What is needed to get the New nomad castellean. I have not seen any info about this. Buyable like old? Or top 100? I see what destroyer wrote. But have not seen any info myself 
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  • chr (SKN1)chr (SKN1) Posts: 354SKN1
    Top 100 from next Update 
  • Thank You. But where does it say so? 
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  • chr (SKN1)chr (SKN1) Posts: 354SKN1
    Update announcements
  • Can you put the fully upgraded master shapeshifter on here please
  • Руки - это очень загадочная вещь. Они могут расти буквально откуда угодно.
  • Thanks
  • Pls can anyone put fully developed netcracker set here .

  • Ivan Again (INT4)Ivan Again (INT4) Posts: 736INT4
    which Nutcracker? There are at least 3. One is PVP, the others NPC.
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