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Look pieces

anyone else having trouble getting look pieces for highlander and winged knight sets? 


  • Pein le Bref I (DE1)Pein le Bref I (DE1) DE1 Posts: 1,721
    Try looking in the equipment trader shop :)

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  • Once you buy there, they never show up again. That's also confirmed right from GG. Used to pop right up when hitting an rbc after they expired 
  • I was told it is a glitch that they are aware of Frazer and hopefully in the next few updates it will be resolved.  Alpinolo checked my account and confirmed.    Teehee....must be time for me to visit? ;)
  • Mr Anderson (US2)Mr Anderson (US2) US2 Posts: 153
    That's true! They don't sell the Highlander pieces after hitting RB's anymore.... was looking forward to those 
  • Rachel you're always welcome to visit haha. 
  • Btw how does Kenny have them? Boooo!
  • Alpinolo said this morning either already or next update the equipment trader should be fixed.  Happy Hunting!
  • Kenny never bought before price change so each time the equipment trader comes he gets the offers.  I am a stalker these days for that tent as well as many others.  Hopefully soon we will all get to see the offers. 
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