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missed item

I have exceeded 1737points at the event but I did not get one item to come in. So I would appreciate it if you could return the missing  item...

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  • bfmall (KR1)bfmall (KR1) Posts: 5
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  • bfmall (KR1)bfmall (KR1) Posts: 5
    Accepted Answer
  • Missed item
  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561
    Better to email support than post on the forum for this :smile:
  • I didnot see what you say. I didnot know what you say. Give me my Item. Where are you writed about this rule? I didnot know about this rule. After now. I will take care of items. Give me my item.
  • 창고가  차 있어서  안 들어  온것인지  왜  안들어  온것인지에  대해서는  모르겠다. 그러나 왜  창고를  이렇게  적게  만들었냐? 
  • SeleneSelene Posts: 1,561
    @bfmall (KR1) unfortunately you will need to email the support team who can help you with this. If you go on game, settings and then email support it should take you to a website where you can contact the support team. They will then be able to look at what happened. 

    We cant do anything from the forum I'm afraid. 
  • 점수 1600점 넘었는데 아래 템 안 들어 왔네요 확인 바랍니다

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