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Guide to the Group Function

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What are Groups?

Groups are a ‘personal forum’ within our forums! You and your friends, alliance mates, and anyone in between, can create a private discussion space, all to yourself, or even an open public space, for those with specific tastes and interests!

Groups are intended to be places to gather players that you want to discuss similar topics with. Whether you’re in an Alliance and want to privately discuss tactics with the rest of your members, or a keen fan of X Y or Z  in the making, looking for friends to duke it out with,  you’ll be able to host your own discussions, make announcements to the group members, and even organize events for everyone to get involved in!

So how do I use Groups?

To start with, you should now see a ‘Groups’ tab at the top of the forums, right next to the ‘discussions’ tab. Click this, and you’ll be transported to the groups hub, where you’ll be able to see all of the currently created groups, and even make your own!

This is where you can find all of the Groups, and settings.

Joining a group is simple! Simply find one that takes your interest, and either join (if the group is public) or apply (if it’s private).

To start your own group, select the ‘New Group’ button, at the top left of this page. Once you’ve selected this, you’ll be presented with a few options, allowing you to name your group, give it a description, and upload your own avatar and banner. Be creative! Let people know why they should join your group, what the group is for, and give it a snazzy design, everyone loves a sweet banner.

This will start a new group!

Importantly, you’ll have to choose whether your group is Public or Private. Public groups will be completely open, allowing anyone to join or view the contents of your group (this includes discussions), a good choice for open hobby discussions. Private groups on the other hand are a lot more restricted. Anyone will be able to see a Private group on the list, but only their avatar, banner and description will be visible, everything inside the group will be kept to members only. Players must also request membership to these groups, or be individually invited, to gain access.

Once your group is created, you’ll be able to start discussions, make announcements and add events. Discussions and announcements work just like they would in the regular forums, creating topics for players to be aware of, or platforms for your members to converse. Events however, will allow you to organize your group members, letting them know exactly when and where the event will take place, and giving them an overview of what’s going to happen. Plan mass alliance attacks, assemblies of your war councils, or throw a huge party (but don’t forget to invite me, of course)!

An example of what your group page could look like.

It’s as simple as that!

If you’ve got any further questions, your local Community Manager will be more than happy to give you a hand! Gather your buddies for a huge cocktail party, start a new campaign for World Presidency, the opportunities are endless, and the power is yours!

We hope you’ll love the groups function as much as we do! Please also bear in mind that the Groups are in beta right now, so if you spot any issues, do forward them to us!

All the best,

Your CM Team


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