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Hi, I'm your newest Board Moderator!

Hi guys! 

I've recently been given the honour of becoming a moderator here on the forums. I've been a member of the Empire: Four Kingdoms community for nearly 2 years now, and I'm really looking forward to contributing further as a moderator.

I've been an avid gamer since I was old enough to hold a controller/mouse and keyboard, and I've always enjoyed learning everything I can about games that I love to play. This is one of the reasons that I've continued to play - and enjoy - E4K. There's always a new challenge or something new to learn, and a community full of like-minded people to learn it with.

I currently work in a remote part of Scotland, providing IT support to locals businesses. I enjoy my job greatly, which is probably why I jumped at the chance to be a moderator here. It's the perfect combination of helping people (which I enjoy) and playing games. It's a win win.

My main purpose here is to assist the CMs and moderators, and try to keep the forum a fun and productive place to spend time.

Anyway, I've rambled on enough. If you want to known anything else, feel free to ask. I look forward to talking with you guys.




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