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Relocating Main Castle



  • Bert BBert B Posts: 8
    edited 08.02.2014
    Come on developers. I'm sure you can fix this!!
    Bert B @ GG 1
  • Mnementh2Mnementh2 Posts: 1
    edited 09.02.2014
    There are spots that are free near me that my fiance wants to move to but the game just shows a dash these slots have been free for some time and just won't allow her to grab them. We both checked in both views and they show rubble and state that they are free how do we get them to open up.
    Mnementh @ GG 2
  • sdbksdbk Posts: 1
    edited 09.02.2014
    I have been trying to move my castle for a week now and every time a new member pops up even if I time it perfectly, there is no point in the relocate button if you can't use it!
    sdbk @ GG 1
  • Bert BBert B Posts: 8
    edited 11.02.2014
    sdbk wrote: »
    I have been trying to move my castle for a week now and every time a new member pops up even if I time it perfectly, there is no point in the relocate button if you can't use it!

    Good point!! Just wastes time when you could be playing the game and buying rubies!!
    Bert B @ GG 1
  • Lord WolfbürgenLord Wolfbürgen Posts: 15
    edited 20.02.2014
    Hey Steve,

    Can u please put a thread up letting players know the requirements are to relocate main castle a second or more times. (Ie- time lapse from last move, resources required, etc.) I've researched postings on this subject, but have only been able to obtain player hearsay. I belong to a growing alliance, and have been asked by other alliances for info. Thanks in advance, bud!
    Lord Wolfbürgen @ GG 2
  • Tmaxs kingdomTmaxs kingdom Posts: 52
    edited 27.02.2014
    I moved my castel to get closer to my alliance. You take everything except outpost with you. You currently cant move outposts, but it would be a nice thing to add in the next update.
    Tmaxs kingdom @ GG 2
  • Susan of YorkSusan of York Posts: 36
    edited 12.03.2014
    We have a 12 year old player who has been trying to relocate for weeks and weeks I took him on at level 7 because no one else wanted him because he cannot buy rubies he is on his own 300 miles away, now level 17 he is thrashed every day. He dearly wants to play and with us.i each time he tries either someone else gets the location or his castles starts to grow then collapses and is replaced by someone else's. We have talked him through it to no avail. I recently went to goodgame for help. Their reply? They can't help people manually and it is in fact quite an easy task! Tell that to this unhappy 12 yr old or anyone driven to despair trying to relocate. Susan Of York
    Susan of York @ GG 1
  • LindstromshireLindstromshire Posts: 6
    edited 15.03.2014
    How long do you need to wait before you can move? I expanded into Winter and want to move next to an alliance member but cant. There are ruins all aroound her. I have only been in Winter for 5 days.
    Lindstromshire @ GG 1
  • Mystt2Mystt2 Posts: 1
    edited 16.03.2014
    How often can you relocate your castle?
    And after you do relocate it....
    Is their a waiting period in case you want to move it again?
    Mystt @ GG 2
  • Tmaxs kingdomTmaxs kingdom Posts: 52
    edited 20.03.2014
    It costs rubies the second time that's all i know
    Tmaxs kingdom @ GG 2
  • nbkmisknbkmisk Posts: 1
    edited 30.03.2014
    U cant relocate on ruins they have a timer for oringinal owner can come back. You ether have to wait and hope u beat everybody else.or find a spot with opening... it does work i require people relocate when they join our alliance
    nbkmisk @ GG 1
  • king blayzeking blayze Posts: 1
    edited 30.03.2014
    how can I start new outpost when I abandoned the ones I have and relocate my main Castle
    king blayze @ GG 2
  • Fidel CattoFidel Catto Posts: 2
    edited 13.04.2014
    I just relocated castle no problem. As it said go to admin then economy. Select move castle and there are loads of plots, not ruins, simply select a plot and reserve it. Your flag will appear there and I'm 24hrs your castle moves. Just trying to figure out how to abandon old outposts now
    Fidel Catto @ GG 1
  • yohannes4yohannes4 Posts: 3
    edited 13.04.2014
    ;)We have put a lot of money in a product that we think is good, but your stating there is nothing you can do. If it's simply part of a game then it's apparent that something needs to be done to fix the problem, not leave it an hope for the best! I had clarification of a ruin that was not occupied, an stated to wait for 24 hrs after pressing relocate button. It's been about 36 hrs and the castle did not move and furthermore the relocate button is still grey an cannot be pushed. It is something that needs to be rectified As soon as possible, as there are clearly many people in the same situation. I tried moving about 509. 737 close to other two outposts. I have paid over $ 200 in this game an is really good. ;)
    yohannes @ GG 1
  • anywhoanywho Posts: 4
    edited 16.04.2014
    They make all of these other "updates", but can't address what appears to be one of the biggest concerns of GG's consumers? That's not very good Quality Assurance. Maybe I'll go back to playing AoE, it is cheaper.
    anywho @ GG 2
  • King BlytheonKing Blytheon Posts: 46
    edited 22.04.2014
    Can I move my castle to another kingdom?
    King Blytheon @ GG 2
  • listonslistons Posts: 10
    edited 23.04.2014
    All the money you spend on this game and I cant bring my castle back from relocate
    listons @ GG 1
  • Big BrodyBig Brody Posts: 1
    edited 01.05.2014
    How long after you relocate your castle does it take until you are allowed to relocate again?
    Big Brody @ GG 2
  • Melon MelMelon Mel Posts: 602
    edited 01.05.2014
    2 weeks and you also need to rank up 1 glory rank and have 2500 rubies.
    Melon Mel @ GG 17 (AU 1) Leader of The Free! JOIN TODAY!
  • listonslistons Posts: 10
    edited 03.05.2014
    Been waiting 2 weeks to move castle back from recolate and its still not working
    listons @ GG 1
  • Melon MelMelon Mel Posts: 602
    edited 03.05.2014
    Have you ranked up 1 glory rank since moving and do you currently have 2500 rubies?
    Melon Mel @ GG 17 (AU 1) Leader of The Free! JOIN TODAY!
  • King DIKing DI Posts: 3
    edited 14.05.2014
    How many times can I relocate? I just moved to a spot but my alliance wants me closer.I tried to relocate again but it won't let me.
    King DI @ GG 1
  • sirevilleotsirevilleot Posts: 2
    edited 25.05.2014
    I have a question. How much does it cost for the third move?
    sirevilleot @ GG 2
  • sirevilleotsirevilleot Posts: 2
    edited 25.05.2014
    I know the second time you move it cost 5,000 rubies
    sirevilleot @ GG 2
  • Aislyn OrielAislyn Oriel Posts: 1
    edited 26.05.2014
    I just relocated castle no problem. As it said go to admin then economy. Select move castle and there are loads of plots, not ruins, simply select a plot and reserve it. Your flag will appear there and I'm 24hrs your castle moves. Just trying to figure out how to abandon old outposts now

    I'm so new at this it isn't funny. I REALLY hope you reply soon. Is there ANY way to locate your flag that is place during the 24hr moving period??? I found a great spot after searching for HOURS (a spot with 3 of each supply of those "extras" outposts, the ones that allow 8 whatevers insteand of 6.. 3! Right close together and a free ruin !) I was so happy to have found it I tapped away, claiming it and popping back home. Then I realized I forgot to write down the X and Y of the place ! :( I cant find it not!
    I know I'll bee there by tomorrow, but I would like to check in on it (the available outposts it's got) and I cannot figure out how to find it! Some help please!
    Aislyn Oriel @ GG 1
  • Magic4rasMagic4ras Posts: 2
    edited 29.05.2014
    There is nothing that we can do,part of the game....
    Easy to say,still doesn't solve the problem.
    Learn from Google game ingress,they continuously change and add stuff for players and it's totally free.
    It is a game made by players,and the best of the best programmers.
    This game should be fun,not frustrating. Waiting for 136 hours and then watch how the system place a new player. Even if you refresh,there is 1/1000 chance you can relocate your castle.
    But hey it's simply part of the game......
    Magic4ras @ GG 1
  • Panther16Panther16 Posts: 1
    edited 01.06.2014
    helper5 wrote: »
    It´s not possible to move castle. I tried it more than 20x but still same problem - castle location is occupied by a ruin - expected to be free in: 1min, then 10second.... but I wait and trying it... no move possible - this castle was occupied by a ruin...more than 5other minutes i tried again and again...then come new other member and has this place. I woke up for it at night.. :(

    Hi All, I have thr same problem I been tryimg tonreloacte forblast three weeks and have tried several locations but no luck .. can anyone help on this .
    Panther @ GG 1
  • ImmortalionImmortalion Posts: 37
    edited 03.06.2014
    Hi Guys,

    As I have stated in another thread, it is simply a matter of the games mechanics. When a new player joins, the game will try and place them in a well populated area with a free spot. This is why you must be fast to try and claim these spots when the Ruins disappear! Other than that, there is nothing we can do as it is simply part of the game.

    Hope this helps!



    I understand that it is not a bug/problem with the game for it to be working this way, but lets consider a few things.

    1. The map doesn't constantly refresh, making it a hassle to check if the timer is actually expired. This refreshing takes time.

    2. New players are added to the ruins, seemingly rather quickly....possible even just seconds after the ruin time expires (at least that what seems to be happening)

    Considering these points, there should be a mechanic implemented that puts a delay on a new castle being placed. I would think that delay should be at least 30 minutes. Cater to players that are actually still playing more than brand new players who don't necessarily care where they start. I think the least that could be said here is "this is something to bring up to the developers".

    Not to berate you, Steve, or any GG staff, but I have noticed that the moderators on this game forum especially are rather terse and rarely seem to make an attempt to address logical issues or actually comment on them. To say simply, "it is how the game works" (so deal with it) sounds like sidestepping the issue completely, and showing that you do not care about the situation whatsoever. True, much of the babbling here is not worth even commenting on, but I think there is something to be said about this mechanic specifically, and a concern that has a seemingly simple fix being brought to attention...It simply shouldn't be this hard to relocate a castle, especially considering that it is a ruby service (for all but the first try).
    Immortalion @ GG 1
  • Kingdom RulesKingdom Rules Posts: 16
    edited 13.07.2014
    Guys, Is it sensible to move the castle to the fringes so that resources(outposts) are easily available?.... Currently I'm in a pretty crowded area and am not part of any alliance.
    Kingdom Rules @ GG 1
  • Sir PanheadSir Panhead Posts: 7
    edited 17.07.2014
    Hello. I have a question, when I am attempting to move my castle, the timer goes down to nothing and then there is just a dash, and I can't claim them. I have tried the refresh trick, with no avail. I really need to move, so please help me out if you can.
    Sir Panhead @ GG 1
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