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  • GG has a very perverse sense of equal opportunities. That silly survey keeps asking us how important equal opportunity is. We all know it's crucial in many aspects of the game but yet GG continue to have only one way of getting an equal opportunity.…
  • @WillyWiz (NL1) and @Lagertha I have a player in my alliance who was unfortunate enough to live next door to a bully with deep pockets. Every time the guy buys (and he buys often) he mows down his neighbours at 3-10 clicks. And he normally hits wh…
  • @Lagertha in my opinion 500 attacks on one person over 3 days or 185 incomings in one mass on one individual qualify is bullying . So do the accompanying derogatory and insulting messages sent to the victim. So do the threats to anyone who stands u…
  • @Lagertha can U please acknowledge that you have noted the concerns about relic equipment in outers and BtH as it's destroying the last remaining fun parts about the event. Overpowered comms, attack oriented special effects, extra waves etc and lem…
  • @Lagertha team support cannot always be relied on. With people leaving game because of inflation and bullies in droves it becomes hard, especially as the bullies favour hitting neighbours 5 clicks away. No ftp unfortunate enough to live next door to…
  • @Lagertha your comment on toolburning is incorrect. open gates negates safe storage and can result in instant deserters. Toolburn is different. Safe storage remains active and U have at least a few minutes to even when running a large food deficit
  • Toolburn him. Hit RBC for fire reduction equipment and toolburn. Move your troops out and let him run through. People who send that many attacks get off on farming weaker players for glory or setting fires. Toolburning ensures you waste all glory to…
  • Yup getting worse and worse. Can't wait for it to be over. So much for fun
  • @Lezley (GB1) unfortunately you're right. I deserted almost 7 K vet defenders this morning due to incorrect food consumption, random fluctuations in consumption and inaccurate countdown. Ticket submitted but not holding my breath
  • Ok here's the rough maths I have 32k troops at main at. Some attack mostly demons) some defence so let's average it out at a consumption of 4. 32000 x4 x.6 (bakery) = 76.8 K per hour Apply effect 32000 x3 x.6 = 57.6k per hour If you go into discharg…
  • Lol. First give me the bonus you promise. As it's not working desertion clock is accurate.
  • Ticket time!
  • @CM_Crom Cruach Can we please remove the advertising stuck on top now. If the suspense didn't kill us 11 waves will. Be gone spam!
  • I'm still wondering why the attack restrictions imposed for teapot event cannot be imposed for PvP, at least for using look items and Hol bonuses. I quite agree that it's not fair that lower leg levels can't even earn the currency required. By all …
  • My food in outers is broken now
  • My food consumption in outers has sky rocketed in outers with maintenance. It's not a global effect thing as it wasn't active. -4.8 to -8.1 K is huge. My troops will desert before they fix anything.
  • Another update. Another mess
  • Nice. They can't be stuffed looking at it until Monday.
  • @Matt D (GB1) I have told our team to take screenshots of anything relevant. Tools, materials, rankings etc. Anything you buy or win or improve, update them. Before you go to sleep. Take screenshots. Just in case the 'fix' stuff whilst you're not on…
  • Sounds fair. U should have anticipated that one and taken copious ss