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  • dojo (INT4) said: Why is there no event in the server internationaal 4 ? As WillyWiz said, INT4 is PVP only at this time.  If something changes, the mod team will announce.
    in Event Kommentar von Lagertha 17.03.2019
  • Other98ofEmpire INT2 said: Wasn't there a royal capital too? Royal Capitals was for Empire only. Schofield (US1) said: What date is the March update coming out... I swear it had a date in the announcement but I cant find it n…
  • vonclis (AU1) said: @Hadrian u seem to be the one who discusses things with the powers at be. Nomads and Sam's were pulled at the drop of a hat because something wasn't working right that went in players favour. Outers is now a breeding groun…
    in Outer realms Kommentar von Lagertha 17.03.2019
  • Ivan Again (INT4) said: At first I was confused by the "new Bakery construction items".  I now realise they mean build items.  Not new levels for the bakery, but new levels for the build item you put on the bakery.  I also didn't understand "D…
  • Brave warriors,  There has been a slight misunderstanding in our communication in regards to the new Bakery Construction Items, so please let us clarify:  The shown construction items level 11 - 15 cannot be crafted! This means that you will not n…
  • Please go HERE to discuss the March Update.
  • Long Term Point Event - Artifact Compensation Brave warriors,  As some of you probably know, after you've completed our long term point event, you can continue another round of it and keep on collecting points.  We've encountered an issue which …
  • This is known and being reviewed. As soon as we have some information to share, it will be posted.
  • MrChaos (SKN1) said: Again no SS castelian, wasn't is suppossed to be released long ago ? The cast has no set date for me to report yet. So another round for us all to collect igsignia’s and charms. As soon as we have information, we wi…
  • white queen (AU1) said: No ss castie? Event has started.  Is it missing on your server?
  • @bwm (IN1) Thank you for the direct message.  I have captured your feedback and will add to our report.   Have a great day.
  • vonclis (AU1) said: We gave U feedback. U ignored it. Just re-read all previous posts as second round was no different from first. I read every post and take notes.  My request was to make sure any others had comments on a pro or con …
  • Kindom League has finished another round.  Your Mod team is gathering feedback.  Please feel free to weigh in on pros and cons til Sun evening CET.   Thanks
  • This is a known bug now and fix is scheduled with next update.  Thanks for reporting.
    in Banner Kommentar von Lagertha 07.03.2019
  • Server maintenance - Outer Realms | 06.03.2019 | Brave warriors,  We're going to have a server maintenance, in order to fix a critical issue which we recently encountered in our Outer Realms event.   This is expected to happen today (the 6th of …
  • Maurader camp will be deployed shortly.
  • Maurader camp will be deployed shortly.
  • GG has been aware. I noticed it as well.
  • I was told after update if people reboot that it corrects itself. Can you try that and let me know? Is the above ss same flag you are seeing?
    in Banner Kommentar von Lagertha 06.03.2019
  • Ivan Again (INT4) said: Lagertha said: Are you referring to the grid view available for pc version of Empire?   If this is a yes, I can tell you this option is not available via mobile (ek4) yet.  "yet"? That's great news. Woul…