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  • Kelz (US1)

    I have a couple of questions that I didnt really want others comments on. So I'm attempting to send this pm.

    First let me say I've been playing this game since '15 and have seen ALOT of change. THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK on you all but simply a couple questions:

    1. If GG is able to add "commander pack offers," then what makes them unable to control the fact they interfere with gameplay in pvp as well as pve? You all have announced that some moderators are also players so they experience it too. (From a business stand point I do understand the importance of suggestive selling.)

    2. Being that moderators do play as well, is it not obvious that only the same top groups are going to win relic buildings. What place do moderator alliances finish? (The latter being an rhetorical question).

    Maybe a suggestion to split the moderators (if you dont already). Again, it was stated that each moderators are given "X" amount of rubies, skips, etc. per month. Maybe have some play with ruby allowances and some without, so that both sides of game play are experienced like us. (Ruby player vs non ruby). Are the relic buildings the sort of "premium membership", like box seats, courtside, v.i.p., hell even Cosco and BJ's? Most places do it, i get it. I'm just trying to have a better understanding of the reasonings thats all. I'm writing you because I've seen you respond to ALOT of people's complaints and wants. Again, this not a complaint, nor an attack, you all get enough of them and dont need another,...just simply asking!

  • tobias malik (INT2)

    ANDREI RO: ban na 2 dny

  • tobias malik (INT2)

    kingJULIEN ban na 10 minut