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    Good,Game, Empire unfortunetly has failed in  many aspects from where it was created, as updates only appear to dupe players ,did the name not originally  suggest its used for  "good fun ,bit of amusing gamming  experience " with  the new  endless and orchestrated "horizon event "  the return to yet again oh no do I have to for what purpose do i really get out of it ? has not changed the reward ,due to the unfair ranking system and reward for time spent involved ,or invested  in my opinion with its total lack of  fulfilment for my own view portray a fun and exciting rewarding challange ,
     "without prejudice
     GOOD ?desired or approved of.  
     GAME ?activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.
    THE EMPIRE ?a group or peoples RULED over by an EMPEROR, empress, or other powerful sovereign or government: usually a territory of greater extent than a kingdom
    Are we playing a game here for bit of fun as the title suggested ?,when we joined to play in pixel world for a hobby  or to pass some rainy day or nights in ?as entertainment , when the media ,tv or movies had reached time for a change ?so we clicked on the wifi and said oh lets try A GOOD GAME EMPIRE one day 
    who  coordinate and control the empire we play in  ,is it players or the  empire powers that be , are we feeding the assets of the emperor or group ? paying for some sort of the privilage to crawl for some crumbs of a loaf  week in week out never to reach your own growing and developing satisfaction ,targets with unreasonable minuscule perportion loot or rewards and useless iteams totally unbalanced,
    Fairness ? frittering away our time and without investing more then some past time hobby change in your pocket , millions yearly 
    for what exactly do we get again ..... ???I've forgotten even why I play 
    for a person's sense of self-esteem bigger castles ,more troops to burn or buy to replace ?or self-importance ?as im ranked number 1/20  i win a po reward worthless and now can hold extra few on my wall to be cleared away with a iteam for just few silver coins ,but i did it in 18hrs yeahhhhh!!! in a pixel world created for amusement which has turned into a park in pixel world outside the realms of your main game experienace like a sort of wild game reserve for groups actions of  hyenas who have lost most of the concept of a Medieval and Renaissance chivalric literature ?at which the game was basic  design ?
    maybe its time for change or maybe i just  with eyes open how the curtain goes up and pantomime runs along ,
    ask  ;0)
    once you are not getting what you paid for you 

    Sale of goods and supply of Services Act 

    When you buy products, they must be ‘in conformity with the contract’. This means they must be:

    • Of merchantable quality – this means of reasonable and acceptable standard, taking into account other factors such as durability and price
    • Fit for the purpose you bought it for – they should work and do what they are reasonably expected to do
    • As described – they should match any description given in an advert or other information provided by the seller at the time of sale


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