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The problem here is that, they're setting the bar up high because of the whales, they shouldn't judge how much Glory points or gallantary points you need to reach the bar for each reward from player's that dump in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every event just to maintain the top place, but instead from the…
But I guess the biggest issue with PvP is just how unrewarding it is, what's the point of draining thousands, if not millions of troops in wars when you can get more glory from attacking the foreign castles? along with much better loot through hording NPC's and completing the seasonal events? I remember when we had…
No I meant to say that I've gotten multiple accounts taken straight from the beginning to lvl 70 after having lost it several times due to quitting and then coming back, Multi-accounting has been, and I'm very sure is still an issue among the top players of the game, where an alliance knows the password of all players…
Interesting, basically it's pretty much a matter of not losing all that you've worked up for all these years through time and effort. I've personally played this game, for over 4 years, just logging back in and out getting multiple accounts to lvl 70, to the point where I just had enough of GGS's BS, at least a good…
  • OMG so many guesses!
Uhh ???? You sure you're on the right page buddy? cause I don't think anyone talked about buffalo's here Pizza, ofc. Video games or Anime?
  • GGE, Legends of honor doesn't even get updates, they literally ditched all potential the game had with their own hands :V Slap monkey's or eat an iPhone X?
Anyways, I'm glad you didn't try to defend GGS like a lying little brat and spoke out the truth, or even just run away from this thread and never come back with a proper reply again, I'm not gonna blame the CM's for all the shit that's happened, because some of them were actually very nice and tried to help as much as…
Yeah of course CMs aren't in charge of game development, but their job is to FORWARD the player feedback TO the Developers and Balancers, but from what I've been seeing throughout my past 3 years of playing GGE, that sure as hell doesn't happen, at all. For all I can tell GGE doesn't even care about the English side…
Gonna take a snapshot of this, feels good finally seeing a moderator, admitting that they actually don't fking matter at all (even tho it was already pretty obvious), it's just fake lies and hopes us players are being given by GGS that are opinions are heard from, and actually matter, when in reality this company is…
  • Abuse, it's got more pride in it then spam. Would you rather lick a living spider, or live in a haunted house, where people have never managed to return from once they're in?
Well time to search for a new game buddy.
  • Lol, Hasn't the game always been terrible? For the past 4 years, players have been saying the same thing, Over, and Over again, at this point I'm thinking this is some coordinated hatred from GGE to bring in more attention to the game.
  • Ah... It's always funny coming back at threads like these... having played GGE for the past 4 years, and taking gaps in between as long as 5-9 months every now and then, life has changed a lot, but 1 thing that hasn't changed, are how the players never stop ranting about GGE, either it be about some new stupid unneeded…
  • I agree with you there regarding allowing players to be able to recruit 
these troops, but I highly doubt gge will allow players to revert there 
troops back to their non-vet forms since that'll mean less people will 
buy rubies to get Demon Slayers/Assassin's or Wolfs because they'll already
 be able to…
  • I've been playing the game since 3 years back which you can clearly see through checking my profile, Sadly real life issues can be very troublesome to come by which is why I was inactive for a few months leading my account to go into ruins. And 6 months is not exactly enough time spent to know another server properly, this…
I never said Titans are better than HB at PvP, HB IS Strong at both PvP AND PvE, and more over, and we're talking about Titans main, not Smurf titans who are now a part of the Spartans.
  • Just because Titans have still managed to retain their Capitals and Metro's, doesn't mean they're still the strongest alliance in this server. They've lost a lot of strong players from their alliance due to their own ignorance and failing to protect their own players and threatening others to follow their ways of playing…
  • Top 3 alliances from International 1: 1: Hells Boys (Very Strong in Both PvP and PvE) 2: PiRats (Sort of a PvE alliance but still pretty tough to beat in wars) 3: Titans (Full PvP alliance, are very experienced in the game but lately they've gotten quite weaker then they were before, thus being ranked in #3) The pick for…
  • No problem mate, Glad to be of help ;)