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  • Please reinstate the attacks from Foreign Invasions and Blood Crows.  Without the defense aspect of these events, they are not fun!  We always did really good team building when we grouped our alliance together to defend, and found that many we were…
  • I really don't like that Foreigners and Blood Crows just take hits and don't send attacks.  The only chance to play against them is in Outer Realms, which is ridiculous since not everyone can play outer realms at once, and over there it is too easy …
  • I am sure you have been told this multiple times now, but it is aggravating.  Any coins won during a battle are not showing up on battle reports, so I don't even know that they are being correctly calculated.  Even not showing in the loot box at all…
  • Like most of the above comments, I like the new equipment available in WoF, but do not understand why Mercs tickes used to provide 1.33 spins.  Now, it takes you 7.5 merc missions to even get one spin.  Not right and just made tickets from Mercs a w…
  • On my sign-in page there is a box that says Complete Shapeshifter Tutorial for free starter pack.  I never found a tutorial or any 'starter pack'.  How do I get this?
  • Thanks Lucas, had never seen it before!
  • When is the real Beari coming back?  Many players would like a real one, where we go all the way to last man standing!  Its been since August of 2016 - way too long to get this fixed.
  • When is the real Bearimond coming back?  Many players are asking and saying its never going to happen... its one of the few where all levels are basically equal and get a chance to actually plan/see and work with experienced players on how to do att…
  • So a gift of more troops and food - not cool!  People at GGE are not listening again??  We lost lots and lots of coins, and rubies.  A gift of coins and rubies would be fair.  Don't base it on rank, or place or anything else.  If you were in Beri wh…
  • Don't need troops and tools.  Need the over 300,000 coins I spent recruiting auxiliaries, and the rubies (10,000) I spent getting the camp up to speed fast by buying resources.  Never got to use my troops, as my protection ended 5 mins before you cl…