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  • yes, seems kinda counterproductive to have the troops that eat the least desert first too LOL.
  • Pro Tip: look around edges of the map and find an open place to move your main castle that is close to 3 unoccupied food-8's (Food Ops that have the glowing yellow halo) You will have no idea what Im talking about right now, but will thank me later …
  • Only 2 stats that don't seem to work are Late Detect and Glory as seen above. Tested heroes with extra wall, gate, moat, fires, destroy and they all show the correct total including the hero above cap. Only stat I couldn't test is speed, I don't hav…
  • I think the Op is right, if the hero went above cap for the above commander it should say total bonus is 104.2 detect, like the first one with a NPC range hero shows total range for comm is 115%.
Yes, they have always been like this, just because you haven't had one change, or at least noticed when they did doesn't make it new. You may not hit enough to have come across one changing, or just have been extremely lucky so far. I hit h…
 Hmmm, not to belittle the low level multi point of your post, but this brought up a question for me. If you have D or any troops for that matter in a stronghold when an Op is capped do they auto-return to main? Have never seen this happen …
 Cool, didn't think they would give us this long. IF you hear of any other sooner date please be sure to update us on the forums, Thanks Bud.
  • If you look at his castle he is surrounded by 2-3 members of KON, he will get no support from short horns, leaving defense around is just asking for them to be killed. Any time he is afk he needs to move/protect all troops or they're just gonna be w…
  • Knew I heard Aug for Blacksmith but didn't remember seeing gem removal. Would be great but I thought they were only gonna leave it free for a couple weeks after update, meaning we would be almost out of time
  • If its just a jerk neighbor and you cant get any alliance help to wipe him out your other option is to move your main and find/rebuild new ops, not sure of your level, how far along you are. Even if he tries to keep messing with you, if you move 700…
  • What he is doing is smart, he keeps the defense in the strongholds to not be killed off in an attack like mentioned above. Morry is also in never ending war and is surrounded by hostiles (short horns) so Im sure any time he is afk attackers are park…
  • Why the hell did my last post get flagged? Must be some butthurt flag fairy flying around cause Im seeing it all over the place on random non-offensive posts. Feel free to flag this one for calling you butthurt LMAO
  • I'm not the one that flagged you, think flagging is stupid if someone's not being obscene, but your response is pretty dumb to a bug that is causing real problems and could wind up costing people real things in the game. If you actually read what I …
  • The players with 12 tents are the ones that are newer players, or have never bought and always have extra special offer tents up for buying rubies, buying coin/ruby mines, etc. Of course if GGE is going to decide to pull a tent it will be the on…
  • If you win (not loot) EQ/Gems they will still go into your inventory until you are +20 over the limit. So if you were hitting RB's and maxed storage then won the gem it wouldn't make a difference, it would still show up in your inventory.
  • Who at GGE does the math for things like the achievements? There are several, collecting bubbles over villagers heads, collecting rune gold, etc that are already ridiculous amounts(Especially since its all just to have the ability to spend ridiculou…
  • https://prnt.sc/fipgyr https://prnt.sc/fipgvu Yeah, keep an eye out for pieces like this, also triple loot, range, wall type pieces are really handy. Even when you find several it takes the right few to mix and match to make everything near max.
 Made 3 for towers, all orange pieces (maybe a cpl high range/wall reds) that max range/wall/loot or within a point of being max on each. takes a while to find the right combo of perfect pieces to make these. Basically right combo of range/…
  • RB Towers have a fairly low set max of rss (wood/Stone) you can loot from them, even if you could send a million troops a max fire tower for instance will only yield maybe 4k or each at best. If you use loot% armor and a loot% hero (alonf with marau…
 I like to use the term "soul crushing" hahaha