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 Thank you, as far as I can tell its just heroes with late detect and glory, all others clearly show the stat going above the cap. The only perk Im not sure of is speed, I have no speed heroes to put on a max speed comm to see if it…
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 Yes, heroes are supposed to go over caps still. The opener pointed out, and is right that certain perks like detect and glory on a hero ARE NOT going over cap like they should be, screen caps of this I shared early in thread. detec…
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That's when you start what would basically be a "swear jar" but for spam reports lol. Every time someone shares some crap report they shouldn't you make them donate 100 rubies to alliance funds, they'll either learn or qui…
  • GGE has decided to "balance" the game in the only way possible. New players can now have everything the rest of use spent years and lots of money on in a month if they log in once a day. They need to stop listening to the whiny 2 day a wee…
  • Unless a target is basically empty on everything, if I send out 120k capacity worth of troops, I expect to bring home that much total loot. Its really not that much when split up between many things. The idea of the update was supposed to get rid of…
  • Yeah, not gonna waste my time, if I still had several days left I might bich more. Just hope GGE looks into it and makes sure this doesn't happen any more (insert rolleyes since they knew better then to add that emoji lol)
  • This change also ruined the loot gained from Foreign Castles. It used to be a great source of wood, stone, food not to mention coal and oil. All these changes at one time made them worthless loot targets for the effort. I can now loot more of everyt…
  • IF updates are made to mailbox system may I also suggest either the ability to delete all mail, including battle reports while we have the report open instead of only from main mailbox screen so we aren't deleting incoming msg's or the wrong thing w…
  • It's just silly to me they took the time to design the new Penny camp just to take away ability for us to collect new pennies at the same time... Am I the only one that thinks this is retarded.... even for GGE standards?
  • LMAO, you already got It, was a stupid package with horrors, some material sacks, food, some tools,etc. Hope that was worth the millions of rubies you spent on the gems, but hey, they let you keep em. Even though they are pretty much worthless to u…
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 But they are right, the wordage on the perk has changed already. It 100% did not say vs NPC targets before. I don't remember if it said Castle Lords before, or if it just said increased loot. If it did not specify castle lords …
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 Do you honestly expect a clear and direct answer, even from GGE? They may very well be thinking of reworking the system and coming up with new ways. But they also said 8 months ago they were going to rework Underworld/thorn events,…
  • Bumping this thread for Monday morning because it is true, some of these heroes aren't going above caps like they are supposed to. We need a response from BM to know GGE will look into this bug
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 Well they are introducing the camp to buy things with lucky pennies that aren't nearly worth the 2k rubies to trade them in normally... But they are also saying they are no longer letting us earn lucky pennies in merc missions, rub…
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 Once you have 3 Ops there is very little reason to cap another so why is it a big deal to not get the deco when capping an OP? As to Microtia I disagree, its very easy now adays to fill a castle with deco. With all the free ski…
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They do know their ruby sales are down because most of the new offers are crap other than the Tablet booster deals right? That and a lot of bigger spenders may never buy again after getting screwed with the gem restructure. Trying t…
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 People are much more interested in keeping their max level bakeries, stables, watchtowers, etc that cost rubies than deco. Don't know what kinda wars are going on in IN1, but taking peoples Ops isn't very easy if they are active. …
  • You can still buy tails with tablets, this food item can only be bought with the new token form of currency bought by attacking the new camp/leveling it up as an alliance, and triggering it to attack you which you get tokens, tabs, and coin for
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 I heard they are, gonna replace the tails with war horns since they so useful, also gonna put in those goofy Nomad tools that beef up melee troops cause that's so helpful when hitting Nomad camps too haha
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 The gallantry point drop differs depending how high you are. It is 2%-7% per day, I think the 7% kicks in @95k, there is a 3% and 5% level as well. You just hit the next tier. It used to be 2% to like 25k points then 10% after that.