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  • I'm surprised no one has mentioned the ruby bottleneck caused by the need to spend money in the outer realms and Beyond the Horizons events. You can play whack a mole with firecasts and get attack enhancements from the blacksmith as a strategy. That's not near enough. To build the sovereign buildings you need to go to to…
  • This probably the most useful thread in a very long time. Thank You Perhaps you can put your math skills to work on the build items and upgrade tokens. Don't bather with useless items like farm tools, timber and upgrade tokens. Only one item in each category creates any shortage. Items like timber, farm tools, and upgrade…
  • Looks like the shamrock shake gift for the com bugged out a day early.
Disenfranchise, imbalance, whatever you want to call it. I'd also add bait and switch on the temporary cast/com vs all the previous versions. It's really a spending contest. Sad to see GoodGame taking it to this extreme.
  • In the last event, a couple of alliances went so far as to offer to sell points in their alliance description. One was mentioned in horizon comments thread. I saw another. I'm sure there are others not so careless. I don't know what goes on on other servers. On our US server there are more than a few alliances dedicated to…
  • Glanced through here so I may have missed it, but has anyone discussed much about the dealing that goes on for points? And what about sending accounts of retired players over to be farmed? There are thousands of 'retired' accounts with shared passwords on the US server. What better place to use them? It seems to me this…
  • I seems kind of humorous to worry about capitals when side deals with hundreds of dead accounts sent as farms have ruined this event. Add to that the total lack of transparency in the final ranking and you have the most corrupt event in the GGE universe. 
  • For me Html5 is a bit glitchy on my windows laptop or iMac desktop. Mostly the white fields thing. But it works. The bigger issue for me is not being able to use the puffin browser in my iPad. This will really cut back on how much I play. I won't bother with the pandemic inspired outers this time. It may be a step by step…
  • The Horizon event has become real GGS gem. With less than a day and half remaining about 7900 alliances are entered. First place is closing in a on a billion points. At less than 100,000 points you have 120th in rank. So clever of Good Good Game Studios to come up with a such fun event everyone all over the world wants to…
  • I read quite a bit about no capital alliances, but I figured it was mostly alliances who managed to disguise their capitals by naming a new leader and giving he capital a new name. But then with less than an hour to go, I went looking amongst the top 200. I found more than a dozen inactive or barely active alliances ranked…
  • I was looking around for capitals and discovered several alliances who will likely get placements that have no leader on the map and of course no capital. I did a screen shot of the leader of the alliance in 173rd place. No one in the alliance has a second building so I didn't miss the capital. In my 5 plus years playing…
  • An event so full of bugs where do I begin. I sent in 4 tickets the first 2 days. Another; fix nothing, do nothing, no compensation, but keep the money event by Good Game Studios. Fraud through incompetence.
  • Take your bug spray and kill all the bugs in the new Horizon event. There are a bunch! I sent in 4 tickets the first 2 days. I see on the forum there were lots of serious problems. Clearly this event was not ready for release. I take way too long to login. We started the event without a capital when our leader tried to…
  • Most of the unique gear and all the legendary, epic, & rare gear are not worth bothering with other than sell it for coin. Most of the unique gear is headed the same direction.
  • I'm up to 105k in worthless farm tools now...lol
  • I find it hard to believe there are any positive comments about the 1/1000 at a time upgrades the relicus delivers. The relicus is a decent po item but it's more frustrating and boring than the the technicus. It's becoming harder and harder to stay interested in this game.
  • I'd add at least one more major frustration. The Blood Crows and Foreign invasions have become so weak as to be a joke. The castles are weak and the attacks are a joke. These events have become extremely frustrating and boring. I know this was a major complaint in the past. So in typical GGE fashion a way to "buy" better…
  • I was willing to give it a try...BUT after 10 minutes it froze up. Now I can't get back in.. One more event full of bugs.
  • One thing I don't see addressed is the upside down scoring for insignias. If you get lucky enough to get a weak totem you pile up points. But beat a really tough totem and you get far less. How does this make sense?