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  • you can unlock the apiary through the Hall of Legends in the sovereign buildings tab. You have to research the buildings before it, and build them in your main castle (Level 6 keep and Level 8 Storehouse). Once you have done this, plus unlocked Apiaries you can build them for 300 upgrade tokens and 160 construction tokens…
    in apiary Comment by BM_Daisho 21.06.2021
  • Not sure if this has been mentioned already or not, but a solution to stopping outpost captures from low level proxy accounts is by building level 5 strongholds. However, this is an expensive solution but if you really want to save your outposts from low levels capturing them having 500 defenders in a stronghold (can get…
  • Indeed it is, there are rules in place, and like you said, report it and it will be investigated. I know its not ideal but it is what it is unfortunately 
  • Even in this one, https://www.stillfront.com/en/stillfront-group-ab-stillfront-acquires-goodgame-studios/ They take over, but don't directly influence the content/gameplay. It mentions the increase of monetization, but that isn't content/gameplay, GGS would make the decisions on how they would increase the monetization,…
  • If you mean this press release: https://www.stillfront.com/en/stillfront-group-ab-stillfront-completes-the-acquisition-of-goodgame-studios/ then it doesn't say anything of what you said either, yes they took ownership and own the shares, but they don't control the exact content/gameplay that goes into the game. I never…
I would love to see an official statement on this, could you show me where you read this? The press release that Goodgame Studios published says something quite different: Following recent changes at Goodgame Studios, it is paramount to the founders to provide stability: “No personnel changes are planned at Goodgame…
  • You oddly seem quite obsessed with Stillfront, especially when they have little to no say on what actually goes into the game content/gameplay wise The op capping issue is a big issue, and we have brought attention to it multiple times, sadly there isn't much else we can do. Just report the players for cheating, and…
  • our answers we give you are all straight answers and the truth, we do not spread lies and share misinformation here on the forum and we definitely don't treat you like idiots. The samurai event is coming back, like Poseidon has said many times, in July.
  • you can, sort of. Some players have received their alliance activity email recently and you if you compare it to the previous email you had then you are able to compare. (I know this is subjective to each alliance but it can give you a rough idea)
  • Hi all, The winners of this month competition are: @"Havok1300 (US1)" @"Wiglema (NL1)" @"Breor (US1)" @"domitsu (GB1)" @"flashdance (US1)" @"roosje6 (NL1)" @"AmazingBrian7 (GB1)" @"KrishnaHero (IN1)" @"Joe Dub (GB1)" @"sittingbull11 (US1)" Thanks to all those who entered, the rubies will be credited to the winners soon,…
  • Contact support at https://support.goodgamestudios.com/ they can help you change your name
Just because the decision hasn't been reversed or changed in the way we would like it to doesn't mean the studio hasn't listened and heard the feedback.
  • Although I wasn't at the Empire Q&A Discussion, someone took notes and I read up the summary from it. The information that the CM gave was very interesting and the people in the Q&A received it very well. Nothing like this has really ever happened before and overall people said it was a good "chat" between community…
  • the Samurai event will appear in July
This update has been rolled out onto all servers. It does not just affect GB1 and FR1
  • you can use a normal internet browser on your phone to log in, but it can be annoying to use. Feel free to try it though, it's just not supported by the developers. 
  • Bună! Bine ai venit pe forumul românesc, aici este forumul RO, îl poți accesa aici: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/ro/băieții ăștia te pot ajuta mai bine decât mine Totuși, voi încerca să folosesc un translator pentru a răspunde la întrebarea ta. Ceea ce ai descărcat pe telefon a fost probabil Empire Four…
  • The samurai will appear in July, and we do care it's just this was answered on another thread ;)
If that's what you think about us mods then I am sorry for you. I personally disagree with the update that was added and I have expressed this across a number of threads, on the discord and even to the CMs themselves.