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  • ereridder Roman (NL1)

    Kingdom's League-Payout; there is again a problem with payout;

    when you grow during an event more than 1 titel, at the end you will get only payout from 1 titel.
    this problem is already a whil and I hear more players about this.
    Do we gone get still that missing payout???

    on this way its not interested anymore to grow more than 1 titel during an event, so its means play not so much anymore and dont but a ticket from Kingdoms League.

    Greets Ereridder Roman
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      You have to buy the league pass for every title you earn.
    • ereridder Roman (NL1)
      ereridder Roman (NL1)
      I was buy the league pass, but as I say, when I grow 2 or more titels, I only received on the end of the event the extra payout (end event) from 1 titel.
    • ereridder Roman (NL1)
      ereridder Roman (NL1)
      Do you have an email adres, so I can send you a screenshot?
      I am sure there is something wrong or a bug.
    • ereridder Roman (NL1)
      ereridder Roman (NL1)
      pitty that I hear no reaction anymore.
      untill now I was buy always the league pass, I thing from how I better dont do it anymore.
      Lets firts play without spend any money anymore.
      (and more players who I know have the same problem and have the ame frustration as I have about this!).

      first we have an agressive promotion policy from gge what give frustration,
      and now this again....
  • 1uplifts (US1)
    when does it come back on ?

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  • Jacnife (US1)
    I see you have gotten lots of comments about the add BS 
    a lot of good players are quitting the game because of the stupid adds gge really haven't weighed the pro's and con's all they want is the money at the cost of losing good players 
    I think gge should have adds on there computers just like a non ruby buyer does and then see how you like it 
    if gge big wigs didn't take home such a big paycheck they might not need stupid adds 

  • Negan (INT2)
    i dont understand this Kingdom Leauge passes, and why is the one for whole leauge 10k more expensive then ever before but the rewards are the same????
  • The Torrent (GB1)
    @dagg (INT1)
    dw we can turn this jail cell nice together lets lay out a spread and get some food going.
  • dagg (INT1)
    I am appalled at the response by GGE to my comments. I am now jailed and affectively have a gagging order placed on my freedom of speech. Looks like GGE is a DICTATOR. another nail in their coffin.
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      A. Introduction
      I. It is not allowed to call for a boycott of one of our games, purchases or the company itself direct or indirect.

      B. Explanation on penalty points
      I. 0 point warning = For mentioning to stop purchasing premium currency without the intention to get people into joining him.
      II. 2 point warning = For indirectly calling for a boycott of one of the games, purchases or the company itself.
      III. 3 point warning = For directly calling for a boycott of one of the games, purchases or the company itself.

      You were given a 3 point warning for calling for a boycott.
    i wanted to log in on the forum with another account but i was banned !!!

    is this the way how GGE is trying to persuade us to buy rubies. 

    if you say anything wich the moderators don't like the give you a ban ???

    looks like a north korean game  hahahaha
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel

      I presume you are @"bert (NL1)" from earlier.
      I didn't ban you, don't think anyone did.

      However, using multiple accounts on the forum or the game is not allowed.
    • knight9 (NL1)
      knight9 (NL1)
      your assumption is unfortunatly incorrect.

      i have only one account and if the ads will continue, than it will soon be history

      it is very annoying to be interupted every time with stupid adds.

      if it is the intention of gge to get rid of players then tey are doing a wonderful job !!!!!
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      Pleas explain to me, if you only have 1 account, why did you respond with a different account?
      And why did you say "I tried to log in on another account" if you only have one?

      And last but not least, why are your account highlighted as multi accounts?
  • Weary (US1)
         Being retired. I live on a fixed income. I can not afford to buy rubies every 60 days to play the game without adds. I do from time to time allow myself to purchase rubies. This will happen no more. The adds slow down the game and takes away the enjoyment. If GG is trying to git rid of players like myself. They have done it. At least in my case.
  • j_sousa (GB1)
    Regarding the ads I think it's a very bad idea.
    What is the purpose? to lead players to buy rubis? If it is forget it.
    If I was thinking on buying some, after this update I will not buy none.
    Maybe this upgrade it will be the end of the game. Or maybe it will be only for the ones who buy rubies.
    So keep the palyers who buy rubies until they are feed up with the because they all buy rubies and there's no fun.
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      I believe this is to serve as a passive form of income to perhaps allow the game to to be more none spender friendly.
    • bert (NL1)
      bert (NL1)
      "none spender friendly???"

      you call the adss wich pop up every time friendly ???

      my advise is... buy a dictionary and search for the word "friendly"

      you might be surprised about the description and the meaning of the word "friendly"

      but you're a moderator and must have some privileges, but the most important of all..... "don't bite the hand that feeds you"
    • Poseidon X Angel
      Poseidon X Angel
      Please don't try to school me.

      I said that a passive form of income could make for a system that relies less on players spending and thus the gap between f2p and spenders decreases.
      Or perhaps they want to use it to hire new staff members to bring us better updates.

      I also believe that if you were to look up the definition of the word friendly, you would notice your latest message doesn't come close.
      And don't forget, met stroop vang je meer vliegen dan met azijn.
    • bert (NL1)
      bert (NL1)
      het is wederom een grote vergissing die hier gemaakt wordt, maar dat zal vanzelf wel blijken.

      eerst was er het gedoe met de icoontjes van de aanbiedingen die op het scherm stonden waardoor er bijna niets te zien was.

      nu komen de beeldvullende reclames waardoor tijdens het spel het hele scherm "vervuild" wordt.

      reclames voor wc potten ????? welke dipshit binnen gge verzint zoiets ?????

      maar zodra de adds in beeld komen, log ik uit en weer in, kwestie van 5 seconden en weg is de add, zo kan het ook.

      veel plezier verder met de adds... maar niet voor mij
  • bert (NL1)
    There is a way to stop seeing these adds.

    When they appear on your screen press the refresh key (F5)  you must log in then but the add is gone and a new log in takes less time than the duration of the annoying add !!!!!!!

    It works for me because buying rubies ????????  ABSOLUTELY NEVER... I RATHER QUIT THE GAME !!!!!
  • Jacnife (US1)
    hi Angel I have a question 
    why is it every time gge changes a event they make it worse now outer realm sucks and I will never go back again 
    if gge don't want members to play then why not start just kick people out by changing stuff people are quitting especially the non ruby buyers 
    New players don't even stick around long they find out they half to pay to play 
    when I started many things were free and the game was fun now it is boring even for lvl's 70 and up same events over and over again 
    go back to FL/BC attacking back 
    extra waves and short horns half to go until the Defenders get tools to help protect against the waves and short horn 

    it all comes down to fair play and the game is not fair or fun any more 

    thank you