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  • Behroz (INT1)
    After change on backsmith: no tools = no activities "to free players" .

    and NOW your ruby buyers can compete to each other!
  • andy60 (INT3)
    I am a Ruby player and considering to quit the game and go for a game console.
  • Behroz (INT1)
    Hi all
    should say GGE; if you right on your plans lets limit ruby_buyers costing money and not sale more tools and an other facilities of the game. why do you limit only free players! why? definitely you lie, you just want to increase ruby_buyer numbers and also thier costing! first, you have to ask all players about the change and according thier vote you change it. if you right. however, in our server almost all are unhappy and refuse the change! you don't beleive, ask them.
  • parvazi (INT1)
    Business prosperity and the thought of earning more is the right of a job. But when a platform is provided for people to enjoy fair facilities in addition to the site's revenue generation, such changes are surprising. Increasing the price 10 times in the store for tokens for various events is not a change in favor of the players. Especially those who do not buy rubies. Not everyone can buy rubies (for whatever reason)
    It is said that this was done to make the game fair, unfortunately this is not the case. This only benefits those who buy rubies. In fact, a win-win game between them and the site
    And people who play normally and without buying are the main losers in these changes
    And discouragement and despair can be seen from day one. And it will definitely lead to some players leaving the game. And less player participation in various events, resulting in the collapse of some alliances and even servers
    It would be better when the changes are made, in order to grow the site in terms of: making events attractive with different features. Make the game easy and enjoyable for the user. Create attractive and cheap discount packs. Assign more prizes for ranks below 100. Obtain easier construction tokens or cheaper amount needed to build different buildings

    I hope that the site's efforts and policies, along with paying attention to revenue, which is the site's right, will increase in order to make the game smoother and more attractive and enjoyable. To make the players lucky enough to spend more time in it.
    I hope that these changes will be corrected quickly. Because most of the players were discouraged in the first incident of these changes and even think of going on vacation and even leaving the game.
    Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Good luck
  • rocket666 (US1)
    I am assuming that the next change will be please insert credit card number here before starting this event!
    • MADMAX (ASIA1)
      MADMAX (ASIA1)
      70% players will leave within a month because we all can do nothing. No way to get rubies (Tickets are expensive, not everyone can attack dragon), no tools (10x expensive), no troops to buy (because of no events, less silver from golds.

      Before this update we had tools but less time skips, and now we have skips but no tools.

      My 4 friends left yesterday after seeing this update and I'm also leaving it.

      Admins just want money. They get enough money in wars. Almost every server has a war going on and people pays thousands of dollars to win but this greediness is bad.

      I'm counting last days of GGE.
    • Behroz (INT1)
      Behroz (INT1)
      yes, should all free players do it. I like it and I'm asking players in our server to refuse the change
  • WillRuler (US1)
    i love this game and im on every day and i just want you to know the changes to the blacksmith has recked the game for me thnx

    If you guys want us to leave then tell. We all will leave and find another game.

  • Herc7407 (US1)
    why are we playing games with running beri??
    • BM_Daisho
      Berimond will be coming soon :)
    • MADMAX (ASIA1)
      MADMAX (ASIA1)
      How will we play berimond with 10x expensive tools??
    • oAuto (WORLD1)
      oAuto (WORLD1)
      We wont be able to do anything with such expensive tools which makes me think about quitting sadly. This proves they dont care about nonbuys and really just want more money.
  • guillermo (NL1)
    this latest update makes it very clear what Goodgame thinks about players who do not buy rubees

    if you do not buy rubees, get out of the game 

    Goodgame ONLY cares about players who buy rubees

    Goodgame's attitude is disgusting.

  • FoodBoy (ASIA1)
    This update will make this game a 'Junkyard'
  • Shafaq Empire (ASIA1)
    The game is dead now!!

    No one can buy many tools even not to complete his/her individual rewards.


    Tanki Online <-- This game was doomed because they did same things like this. Giving power to buyers and crushing non buyers.

    This game will also be destroyed. I pray that GGE will be doomed.

    My alliance is having a war and only reason we are surviving is nomad. And now I can't do more than 50k became they are 10x expensive.

    If this game was unbalanced then it should be 2x or 3x expensive but you guys don't see any difference between 1x and 10x.

    Bye bye good game. You made me leave this game and many players will do the same.


    The worst update. Whats the difference between lvl 30 and lvl 70 player. I can only buy 4500 tools with 10k silver. Seriously!!!

    This game is now Pay to win....

    Half players will leave this game.

    You guys are literally sleeping

    • DrkCybOrg (IN1)
      DrkCybOrg (IN1)
      i agree :/
    • The Boogeyman (ASIA1)
      The Boogeyman (ASIA1)
      Yes totally out of there mind
    • The Boogeyman (ASIA1)
      The Boogeyman (ASIA1)
      They should return it or everyone may leave, I had just started event and bought chests of two tiers and when I moved to 3rd tier I ran out of my mind seeing them so expensive so I stopped playing event. My event ended in just 10 mins. Real bad... And doing 500k nomad points is just completely a night mare for non buyers
  • The Boogeyman (ASIA1)
    What the hell is that? Only 1000 chests for 1700 silver, its very expensive, we can't enjoy this game now. Cheap tools are only 2200 which is not a good deal for events. No one will make 20k+ nomad points because of this, and one more thing, you have also decreased number of silver coins which we convert from gold pieces. No one can make 1M+ glory as per non-buyers of the game. 

    All non-buyers will not like this update. Even buyers have to buy all tools from rubies which is also very expensive. This update has totally disappointed me.

    Kindly return our old master blacksmith....
  • yashruler9
    The new change to master blacksmith are stupid ,pretty much every player in my alliance,i.e. the NO.1 Alliance on AU1 ALCHEMISTS 
    iclucding me ,i dont like the stupid changes ,,, hate em dont need em ,,just change'em back as they were 

    a lot of people are already talking about leaving your already dying game you better take care of your remaining players or its only downhill from here ,
    this is just more broken now the top players i.e(top spending players ) will stay at top and you are taking away the chance that small players have, to maybe try to compete with them ,, 

     sincerely disappointed 
  • bish bash bosh (GB1)
    So I cant do Berri running short on Barrows and I cant do Nomads running short on skips, do GGE sit in there office all day thinking of ways to FCK this game up on purpose or is it just a happy accident ? it seems not a day goes bye when GGE don't pose me the question "do you really want to carry on with this company that disrespects its customers on an almost daily basis. I am fast reaching the time when the answer will be NO
    • LeetaWarrior (US1)
      LeetaWarrior (US1)
      There is not enough troops that can be sent over in order to attack, doesn’t make sense. I spend daily on rubies. I feel the same disrespect in Warrior Nation alliance. I help all the time. They are always in their own conversations, between 3 or 4 members. I was criticized because my castle was awful to them. They tell me to get rid of all dwellings, woodcutters, stone quarries...however, the quest tell us to upgrade, never to remove???? So, I followed their recommendations...Breezestar is leader, cusses, and in fact, most do. I don’t appreciate it at ALL!
  • Queenrider (GB1)
    Good Morning BM_Daisho

    Have you any idea if the absence of Time Skips from the Master Blacksmith is permanent? this would make it very hard for people who do not spend much on rubies.

    Carol - Queenrider
    • BM_Daisho
      Hi Queenrider,

      The timeskips being removed is not permanent, but will be here for a short time - I dont know how long. I have put in my complaint about this change and I am trying my best to get it reverted, this change doesn't effect me directly, but i understand the detrimental effect this has caused and have put my complaints forward accordingly.


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