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  • Jacnife (US1)
    hi Angel I have a question 
    why is it every time gge changes a event they make it worse now outer realm sucks and I will never go back again 
    if gge don't want members to play then why not start just kick people out by changing stuff people are quitting especially the non ruby buyers 
    New players don't even stick around long they find out they half to pay to play 
    when I started many things were free and the game was fun now it is boring even for lvl's 70 and up same events over and over again 
    go back to FL/BC attacking back 
    extra waves and short horns half to go until the Defenders get tools to help protect against the waves and short horn 

    it all comes down to fair play and the game is not fair or fun any more 

    thank you 
  • Poseidon X Angel
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  • King rasta (NL1)

    Dear, I have informed the above-mentioned government department of this matter and now put my hopes on it.
    Knowing that goodgame permits these practices can also be considered a crime if steps are not taken to prevent it and protect the victims.

    greeting from Rasta
  • King rasta (NL1)
    last mail was sent to me from   

    Pieter Cornelis (NL1)

  • King rasta (NL1)
    Dear moderator(s)
    I have heard arond and I have a mail from other victims of the same blackmailing

    Mogguh King Rasta,

    Tja, dat zijn lelijke praktijken! 

    Wij met overblijvers vanuit de originele The Brave hebben ook met dat soort praktijken te maken gehad met leden vanuit een paar top 10 bg's. Maar zijn er niet voor gebogen.

    Mijn doel is dan of dat GGE er wat mee doet, of ik stop er mee en scrap het account.

    Ik zou ook moeite kunnen doen om elke 2 maanden een paar dagen OS te vragen en weer verder onder de Duif te gaan, maar denk dat ik daar snel klaar mee ben.

    Nu een PS5 kunnen  pre orderen, dan gaan we daar toch mee verdere, moet verdorie alleen nog wel even wachten tot het binnen is...

    Het is jammer, maar ik ben een volwassen vent, ik ga me niet de rest van mijn leven onder druk laten zetten voor een spelletje, want het is maar een spelletje, of zaken blijven doen met een onverschillige en onbetrouwbare luie partner die GGE nu is. 


  • King rasta (NL1)
  • Carcharodon (NL1)
    if you stand fore the truthe why we alway's stand allone??

    the bully's rul this server NL1 even when my group head reports more than one's, goodgame still proteckt the bully???

    muliple acc treads of a persenal matere and stil noting be in don? mental slavery

    SCHAME ON GOODGAME this is no goodgame no more
    i will follow rasta on this the bully's are clearly protected in this game the kan do Every ting the want goodgame dont even care
    if  you are a bully in this game you can get a way White murther goodgame wil even provide you a  gun
  • King rasta (NL1)
    tel my one's place, when i take all of them kids white disability's up in ower group like one of ower onnand even when bully's and clarly shaters ho are reported more than 5 time's stil are protected by  goodgame them self.
    printscreen fore 5 times do you think goodgame is gone do somting? o jee
    goodgame is foling me whit we wil in verstigate. but noting is bi in don. be real wher is the fun in the game?
    not one is willing even to help us, i wische i was dead  51 years old and so fare it must com, thad i can not even proteckt them who relly needs it
    o jes i have spend also a lot of mony in this game, 5000 euro and even more do you think goodgame give a damm?
    the dont care a boud us

  • King rasta (NL1)
    want my acc? i am as good as dead now fore real, what is the use of living now? i dont want no more day

    can you see fore your self i give it up

  • King rasta (NL1)
    in my group there are children with a mental disability, they are now taking everything from those children. so bullying that those kids and I don't know where to go anymore. on the forum there is clearly also a cencure. if I say something here, we are all charged. nice game this is
  • King rasta (NL1)
    all so dis titel in want to remove under tread

    the bully's part 2

    sensurschip and dictatuur is this game  :-((
  • sirisaac (US1)
    whenever i hover over like decos or the market barrows in the corners, it turns white
  • Jacnife (US1)
    has anyone complained about the Market Borrowers  can only send 1 wagon in green can't send from my OP's says all are busy at this time 

    thank you 
  • Becca (NL1)
    Do you know anything about the blacksmith -tent (aka the yellow tent)? Normally it lasts for a week, last week only until today and no new tent appeared today. Will it return? And when will it return? A quick answer is much appreciated. Grtz
  • GeniusRO (RO1)

    I don't recive reward

  • popo123123 (US1)
    forget bth bug how about no food production in main game ????
    troops all about to die ????