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Can we get a destroy button for the Armory

It takes up space and I really need the space for decorations.


  • Ha ha I never built it despite the extreme urgings of my alliance elders (who also want me to demo all my Hideouts).  Now that Ive entered the legendary levels I'm so glad I didn't.
  • Relicus seems equally useless but at least gives 500 PO & has a small footprint.
  • the relicus is useless unless you upgrade ti then you are able to get  specialised troops  and it increase  the PO effect as well
  • @wildnfree (US1) what do you mean by specialised troops? can you get speacilised troops from the relicus?

  • We should be able to destroy it as long as we have room for the equipment. if we have more than 400 equipment we shouldn't be able to destroy it.
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