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Update Questions & Feedback: From the Shadows

CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
Hey guys,

Let us know what you think about the upcoming update in this thread! 

Apologies for the late announcement.




  • i want to know if looting gems and center gems will be fixed on this update ?
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  • hmm...i didnt understand this shadow thingy , is it like event or what???
  • hmm...i didnt understand this shadow thingy , is it like event or what???
    They've changed the shadow mercenaries, by adding tougher troops.  Before, you could not recruit "shadow horrors", and they have decided to rectify that with this update.  Now you can purchase "shadow horrors" to annoy your enemies (if you have any).
    Salty Pretzel @ usa 1
  • Can you fix the looting Gems and other glitches mentioned before But!! suppose this GGE so they will just add more glitches and bugs!!!!

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  • hmm...i didnt understand this shadow thingy , is it like event or what???
    Ah I know! ...................... coming to think if it...............That It, it is to make you spend more RUBIES which you have to buy first Lol!

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  • the gem of increasing troops in the front is not working please fix it soon
  • jinx1 (AU1)jinx1 (AU1) AU1 Posts: 68

    this update is a real pain cuse ive only got a cpl hrs left of food so my troops will desert before I get back on!!!!!

  • This update is planned to go live at 12 Noon CET today! There will also be a bug list available!
     so where is the bug list you intend to fix or are you waiting till after maintance to see what new bugs you can add to the long list that we keep asking to be fixed

    granddad best @ en 1
  • if you give us an updatepresent, than make sure we can collect it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ikke261068 @ nl 1
  • Interesting update, doesn't sound too bad. I don't really see anyone using shadows too much unless they are rolling in money. lol.

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  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    Interesting update, doesn't sound too bad. I don't really see anyone using shadows too much unless they are rolling in money. lol.
    Kingdom of Neph uses them, or did use them, a lot.

    they're always good to have anyway, even when you're not at war with anyone :)
  • Can you get glory from shadow hits?
    Pieman US1
  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    edited 07.04.2016
    you can't get honor or glory points from shadow attacks.

    shady attacks aren't honorable, and attacking secretly doesn't bring you glory and fame, but still... ;)

  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Posts: 9,990
    Why the spy level limit, i recently made an account on asia1, and i cant spy on any high levels at all there.
    i do not see how a level limit on spying is going to make any money for gge
    so that you can't make a second account on the same game world and spam the battle report inbox of your long time enemy

    it's not designed to earn Goodgame money, it's just to promote lower level vs. lower level and higher level vs. higher level battles :)
  • Sir Vexдlot (US1)Sir Vexдlot (US1) Posts: 11
    edited 08.04.2016
    I think it was done because whiny kon and neph multiaccounters that think its not fair to have to build guardhouses and want to use their lower lvl multi and dead accounts to hide their bully gameplay  So now, a lvl 30-40 can be in sands after paying rubies and can not spy or sabo some of the higher lvl 70's. But those higher lvl 70 accounts can still be kingdom bullies and sabo and spy on a lvl 30-40. Or is this a glitch that has to still be worked out because there are certain lvl 70's i cannot spy or sabo in any kingdom or tourney. According to update lvl 30+ can spy/sabo ALL lvl 70's, and that doesnt seem to be the case right now. GG you need to fix this any lvl in BS needs to be able to spy/sabo any lvl.

    So alliances can like this one can cheat, break rules of gameplay and hide behind dead accounts and multi's as admitted. 
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    I end threads..
  • neuterable (US1)neuterable (US1) US1 Posts: 757
    This is GGS giving "Themselves" another "Reward".
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  • taro2 (HIS1)taro2 (HIS1) HIS1 Posts: 3
    Lo Que yo Pregunto ES Por Que pusieron la Actualización de los fuegos, no Se Puede Reparar castillos Grandes Fuera de Alianzas Grandes No puede ser Que No Pueda Reparar ONU castillo de un amigo Que esta de Vacaciones Por Que Cada Día empeoran las llamas, lo quemo una alianza grande y no lo puedo Reparar, osea Tener Paso de llamas de un 20% llamas del 54% en todos lados en uno o dos Dias nomas y el no hay aire Cuenta aceleradores ya Que es Líder de Alianza una diminuta.
  • I like the fact that the limit for spying on and sabotage is added to lower level players. They can be rather annoying sometimes and especially those players who are new to this game or might have low level multiple accounts. I have seen complaints about both sides of the spectrum of the one hand people complaining about higher level legendary level players attacking a much lower level legendary players mainly because of it being unfair and people complaining about low level players because they are more likely to make a foolish attack or capture attempt and can more easily get away with it since many people (with myself included) don't like losing honor when attacking low level players with the only exception being sabotage if the player who committed the offense is a high enough level player. As for the shadow attacks I think that if no honor or glory is gained from shadow attacks on other players then maybe high level players should not lose any honor as well when shadow attacking a low level player. Shadow soldiers may be of more use for attacking low level players than for attacking high level players as well especially because of their expensive cost and because they do not seem to be commonly used in Goodgame Empire as well.
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  • On AUS1 shady attacks aren't so common so no harm done there... Glad Goodgame is stopping level 7s from espionaging my castles. Little buggers. Graycat changed his picture lol. never saw that coming.
    dreadnought @ Au 1

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