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Discussion: Server Downtime 23/24.02



  • Amazing, GGE gets the money, we get screwed. Sounds like a win/win for GGE, and a Big FU, to the people who play this game.
  • The game is back up and i got like 200k food but all the troops that i had stationed are gone, like 5k troops!!!!!
    I sent them away before the crash and now they are nowhere, not in their destination, or my castles or on the way back
    Popeye please help!!! :'( :(
    Chantysboy @ usa 1
  • ted1945 (US1)ted1945 (US1) Posts: 170US1
    IT'S BACK!!

  • ITS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm Alex121 on US1. I got SOO bored waiting, I made this account on Int1.

    Good thing I know how to speak German...and use google translate...
  • i'm online!!!!!
    A Level 55 Player!
  • Lady Nym (US1)Lady Nym (US1) Posts: 386US1
    I seem to be missing some troops.
    Anyone else?
  • ~200k food in every castle except storm
    ~100k food in storm
    and an NPC attack in fire
    DreamingOne @ usa 1
  • its back up!
    Bram @ usa 1
  • VIP time is gone too

    jimbo6 @ usa 1
  • I seem to be missing some troops.
    Anyone else?
    Yup lost 1000 and one of those specail peices of equip from ice ^*&^*
    kittyrules @ usa 1
  • wow, they gave me 20,000 food....gee thanks gge! the others in my alliance got 200,000! where's my food?

    pathguider @ usa 1
  • All troops gone but have tons of food

    cris87 @ usa 1
  • I lost almost all my coins. Only 30. cant even espio...
    Proud Member of Isenguard
    Proud level 70 non-ruby buyer

  • Lost one of my mos important pieces of equip??? random right
    kittyrules @ usa 1
  • YAY! I have food!
    MacTavish14 @ usa 1
  • Its back and spring has sprung.....its green :)
  • ok well forums will be dead no... game is back up
  • Lady Nym (US1)Lady Nym (US1) Posts: 386US1
    my troops were moved from green and sand to fire. some are still missing i think. other than that everything seems ok.
  • So the server just came back up.... Good news... Bad news if you had parked troops in an rv for hiding... Their GONE.... 

    I really hope GGE Does something about that. I just lost around 5,000 troops which had enough food to last at least a week and were not involved in a battle. 

    GGE took real money for these troops and then POOF server crash and their are gone!
  • I know a clusterfuq, clusterfuq was a game of mine, and you gge are a clusterfuq.

    In other news, its back on, and before you wipe that gge off your shoes, they'll make more.

    But alas, relax, drink some koolaid, and bend over and smile.  That's it though, reach around costs rubies son.

    GGE is not worthy of warming its hands by the steam of my dump.
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