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Discussion: Server Downtime 23/24.02

Hey guys, Go ahead and post any questions or feedback (be gentle) regarding the latest server situation for US/HIS.



  • Lady Nym (US1)Lady Nym (US1) US1 Posts: 398
    When might we get back into the game? And if we lost troops will we be compensated?
  • ben321123 (US1)ben321123 (US1) Posts: 18
    edited 24.02.2016
    Are you going to compensate the entire server as one big package or compensate players individually???

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  • cause, despite what has been posted about the us1 gge server being up, it is giving the work in progress update message still

    18 hours since it went down with no one able to get logged in.
    Jaquilynne @ usa 1
  • Popeye do you realize your update was completely wrong.

    Still cannot get in.  When will this be resolved?  
    You have about 4.5 hours before you all go home.

  • 6:36 ET and it's still down.  This is well over 12 hours now.  Will we be compensated for losses due to your down time (i.e. troops lost due to starvation?)
    Rayderr @ usa 1
  • 12 hours ? it went down at around 1:30pm cst and its now 5:38 am cst that is 18 hours
  • 12 hours ? it went down at around 1:30pm cst and its now 5:38 am cst that is 18 hours
    And that would be "well over"12 hours, now wouldn't it?
    Rayderr @ usa 1
  • How much have GGE lost for the servers being down,

  • hagar62 (US1)hagar62 (US1) US1 Posts: 42
    18 hours here too Drak.....Can't wait to see how many thousand carcasses are littering my castles when (if) we do get to get back into this @#!%#*% game!
    hagar62 @ usa 1
  • hagar62 (US1)hagar62 (US1) US1 Posts: 42
    Funny how that "POWER OUTAGE" happened at exactly the same time the Ice Championship and Foreign Lords events were ending!  HMMM
    hagar62 @ usa 1
  • peel (US1)peel (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    edited 24.02.2016
    for all the money you make this is completely disgraceful ....as previously mentioned by others bearing in  mind how much I / they have paid into this game  there had better be some compensation here.....................
  • This is crazy. What about storm island are we going to get extra time for that and the tax collector?
    bob1958 @ usa 1
  • NO power back up at the server farm.   Where did they put the farm ?? (pick any 3rd world country)
  • peel (US1)peel (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    are you sending out a general email to your customer advising them when its back up rather than leaving everyone in the dark....customer service zero.....
  • BOB good question regarding Storm.   Forgot about the islands I was tracking what happens there?
  • jim smith (US1)jim smith (US1) US1 Posts: 28

    If the server is back online, then all you should need to do is remove the maintenance nag.

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  • well the support ticket system has crashed also, it is throwing errors when you try to tell them they have lied to us about it being up.

    Jaquilynne @ usa 1
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