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Discussion: Update - Architectural Advancements

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
Hey Lords and Ladies! Go ahead and leave any feedback or questions regarding our latest update in here.



  • Seems like a good update, as long as these items aren't too expensive.
    Revolc @ USA 1
  • Interesting. Hopefully none of the stuff costs rubies. 
    Lord septimus @us1
  • Hope it's something reasonable in terms of space and public order.
    Findurian @ usa 1
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  • Revolc (GB1)Revolc (GB1) Posts: 970
    edited 10.02.2016
    I think you forgot to post the date for update - the EN forum already has the date.
    Revolc @ USA 1
  • CAEAVES (US1)CAEAVES (US1) US1 Posts: 111
    A notice that research has ended will be very helpful.
  •  If this is gonna just be another ruby update for the guys that spend 5 thousand dollars a month on this game Like the legendary levels were you guys better be ready to cover your rumps because we will be pretty ticked off @GGS

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  • Plumpy21 (US1)Plumpy21 (US1) US1 Posts: 471
    Reminds me of the Potion Master they had in the game two or so years ago. Just not an event, a daily stat boost like the VIP Time. Kinda stupid in my books.
    Just saying the bears and the lions get it in this game... 

    What is the max hoarder level?

  • I like this idea, but I am concerned about how much space this construction yard will take up in my castles, especially my MC. My public order has dropped dramatically since I built a bunch of the legendary buildings, and had to store some castle gardens to make space. This new building is likely to reduce my PO further as I store more gardens to make room for it. Other than that, I think this will be a good update.
    Seanb3 @ usa 1
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know this update is scheduled to go live today in an hour or so.

  • Gee where are the nomads?  Another GGE screw up and a cheat of winter contest points?  Not blaming you but this is getting old and tiring.
  • CM Popeye said:
    Also, the construction yard will be 5x5 for those that were curious.


    Revolc @ USA 1
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    Hey guys, The update is live now. Nomads will be on once it is done!

  • Haythem_Kenway (US1)Haythem_Kenway (US1) US1 Posts: 60
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    It's pretty cool I guess :neutral: 
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  • Is it also a global issue that none of your customers can access the game too?
    pUnknown @ au 1
  • still cannot load the game

  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    Please try again, all servers should be back up now.

  • Revolc (GB1)Revolc (GB1) Posts: 970
    edited 11.02.2016
    I built and time skipped it..... Probably one of the first few people to get it.

    You out of ideas? Unlocked at level 45, costs 45k Wood, 45k Stone lol.... Nice Round Numbers.....
    Revolc @ USA 1
  • Why so much negativity to GGE?  Yes, there are bugs and ruby grabs but they have been generous with the events like Ice Championship and the Halloween event.  You get so many free ruby troops and tools as long as you participate in the regular events. 
    I've had a few grumblings with GGE but over all the game has been improving and it's free if you like.  If you dont like all the rubies you need to spend, play within your budget.  There are lots of free rubies to supply you with a good bakery, stables, hospitals etc. 
    Thanks GGE and thanks Popeye for your patience.
  • MissTaken (US1)MissTaken (US1) Posts: 18
    edited 11.02.2016
    I built is and skip timed it too, but is it a drag click function? I must be doing something wrong because it isn't staying put lol. 
    MissTaken @ usa 1
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