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Discussion: Rise of Samurai

Hey guys, Sorry about posting this late. Here is the thread to discuss our latest update. I look forward to hearing all of your feedback!



  • AgentDmT (US1)AgentDmT (US1) US1 Posts: 16
    Good event, just need to make all of the samurai tools movable so can move them to our outposts.

    This is the TARDIS. All of time and space, everything that ever happened or ever will - where do you want to start?
  • It's HORRIBLE ! AWFUL ! You'll be much beyyer off hitting robber barons. I played until the highest card game & looked forward to it. Major disappoitment. A waste of time . Throw it in the trash. It's styled after the nomad invasion where at least the rewards are decent here yuck yuck yuck. I'll go ahead & play it until the end just in case I miss something which I doubt. If it turns out to at least crawl to the grade of "C" I'll post again here otherwise it's a big fat F for failure jimmyg
  • sorry for the typo. beyyer = better
  • Beyond the ruby gifts, it's a mantlet drain. No PO item? Seriously? Obscure way to get equip? I'll use the time to replinish tools and stack red flags for FL.
    WiseDaniel @ usa 1
  • Dressed up Nomads, really.
    The coin is nice though, better than the regular Nomads. 

    The Card game is really not worth the time. I played the highest
    set and I got three X's right off the bat. 
    That ended my desire to do anything else with that stupid event. 

    Bring back the FL's, already. 
  • I do not find the event that bad, at least for the lower level players. It is a good way for the lower levelers to gain coins and food. With the Card game, i found that i will save up for a time when i actually need troops,then spend near all my tokens at one time. I do not care about tools, as i have way to many of the basic types. I attack them for the coins and not the tokens, but they are a nice addition. I dont really care that they are based off of nomads, but this allows for less foriegners and more nomad-type events.
  • this new update sucks you guys where really lazy about this one it's nomads with worse prizes like really who wants to work super hard to maybe get something in return ???  you guys should have done something different maybe that's how it should work not you work really hard collect and get non stop 3x's in a row for the highest card game this event and update sucks right down to the core 

  • I figured it out !! They hired some of the same people who designed the VW's emissions software the world is so happy about now to help with this event ! Shared the same approach and hope nobody notices. OPPS  We noticed !
  • ftdyfyjk (US1)ftdyfyjk (US1) Posts: 24
    edited 19.10.2015
    The samurai event needs a major overhall, starting with no card game. 

    ftdyfyjk @ usa 1
  • The samurai camps are just nomads, nothing different, like contra said. I swell do not get the card game.
  • The major problem with this event is the card game. Change that at least to a loot system like the nomads where you can buy items and know what you are buying.
    ccknoeppel @ usa 1
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    edited 22.10.2015
    Hey guys, Thanks a lot for the honest feedback about the event. I will pass this on to the development team during my next meeting with them. Happy gaming!

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  • WiseDaniel (US1)WiseDaniel (US1) Posts: 575
    edited 21.10.2015
    Stan thank you for listening to us!

    On the FLs:

    I only have level 70s (I'm level 70, legendary 40).  Don't get me wrong, I am happy that you've upgraded my competition. I've had to take them out 4-6 at a time for glory in the past.

    However, this morning I logged in and spied.  First, I noticed that every (every) FL was lvl 70.  That isn't normal for gameplay.

    The first two I spied had all vet flamethrowers on the walls backed up with vet composites in the courtyard. Both well over 750 soldiers.

    I decided to settle on two others, both who were full of KG defenders and over 1k soldiers each.  I threw away an army on one and took out the other.

    While I netted 40k glory,  these were seriously over balanced.  The attacks aent at us today were all over 1k as well.  

    I don't mind strong incomings. I like that you've upgraded our level 70 castles.  But please give us some level 50-65 to hit while we train and heal.
    WiseDaniel @ usa 1
  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    Hey @WiseDaniel (US1) No worries at all, that's why I am here. I will pass this information over to our bug analysis team for investigation. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Could you also tell them to scrap the samurai event?
    ccknoeppel @ usa 1
  • Are you kidding me?  Storm is awesome.  Beyond the fact that it provides a path to a super without buying it, it's a great team event that brings an alliance together.

    Not to mention it provides much needed experience to those who have already built up all their castles--especially level 70s who are looking for easy legendary experience.  We can look forward to building up a new castle every month.

    For new alliances, the rubies/gold is nice to have also and is great for the mid-tier alliances who are pushing towards max (particularly subs) to get needed rubies so they don't have to tax members.

    I don't know what's taking months.  I get 1 unique, maybe 2 per month.  6 islands for 1 unique, 12 for 2 isn't horrible.  Islands are easier in the second half of the month too.
    WiseDaniel @ usa 1
  • Contra (US1)Contra (US1) US1 Posts: 48
    I commented after the first Samurai invasion and my opinion hasn't changed.  The card game is awful.
    I saved my tokens from both invasions and used them at the end of the second.  With 11,000 + tokens I played the 1000 game 11 times.  I got 4 lanterns 4 times. And of course They want you to pay rubies for another shot.   I never hit 5. 
    So after defeating close to 100 Samurai camps no significant prizes at all.  
    The card game is one more way gge favors ruby whales over active players who try to compete within a modest budget. 
    Contra @ usa 1
    "Therefore, we devised a different solution where we can control the process of player’s progression more easily to keep the motivation of players for a longer period and enjoy their gaming experience."   GGS regarding the Nov 2017 Update

    Translation: We are restricting player progress making it slower to achieve your goals, more frustrating and boring. We expect you to enjoy.

  • Just another Nomad event .... What else will GGE change for the worse ?  

    thatevrydaynoob @ usa 1
  • Plumpy21 (US1)Plumpy21 (US1) US1 Posts: 471
    So it was part of this season's events but now it isn't? Is the change to samurais that different? Or are you fixing other bugs before we move on to changing samurais?
    Just saying the bears and the lions get it in this game... 

    What is the max hoarder level?

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