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Nomad Invasion event will be replaced on Sunday 13.11.16

CM EvokeCM Evoke Posts: 801
edited 11.11.2016 in Update Announcements US

Hey all,

Due to the recent graphical issues within the Nomad and Samurai Invasion we have decided to run the War of the Realms in it’s place from this Sunday.

We made this decision based on the fact that we would like to give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the event, and we believe it would be unfair for those players that were unfortunate enough to experience these display issues (causing camps to disappear) which would mean the event would be unplayable for them.

Due to this adjustment and to assist you in your final and crucial moments of battle, we will send out a gift to all players which will contain a 200% boost on points in the Nail-biter event for 3 days shortly after the event starts on Sunday.

Along with the booster we will also gift you with the following currency and tools;

Level 10-49

  • 100,000 coins

  • 250 Banner of the Foreign Invaders

Level 50-69

  • 250,000 coins

  • 500 Banner of the Foreign Invaders

Level 70+

  • 500,000 coins

  • 1000 Banner of the Foreign Invaders

(You will be able to collect this gift for 24 hours to be sure everyone will be able to take advantage of the full length of this booster)

We are aware that the Nomad Invasion tab is still displayed in the Nail-Biter event, however once the War of the Realms starts the tab should appear.

We would like to reassure that, even though we need to take this action right now, the focus on fixing the aforementioned issue is still considered very high priority for us.

We wish you all the best of luck in the final hours of battle!

- Rosie

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