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Discussion Regarding Berimond Compensation



  • I think that the first thing that needs to be done is that all players that took part in berimound be brought to the highest title that they achieved.  This means that everyone gets something far to what they put into the competition.  Second I think that something should be put out like the new bonus ruby buy things, where you can pick 3 things from each group that you want.  This way if someone wants equipment they can choose it or if they want troops they can have them or whatever.  I also think that any rubies and coins that were spent in the few days that it was around should be returned. I also think that as a far gift each player should be given one of each public order item from berimound.
  • I just got done reading what every one has said here and got done reading what the compensation is going to be.  What is going to be done for players like myself that dont spend a ton of rubies but still spent a ton of coins in berimound and were not able to crack the top ranks.  So we just get jack?  that hardly seems fair.  I spent a whole day recruiting troops and from the sound of it I am going to get nothing back.  Awesome, just what I wanted was to get screwed.
  • flexo (US1)flexo (US1) US1 Posts: 7
    at first i thought the compensation was ok  but i have dropped 4-5 levels waiting for it to come back ., whats up with that, that was not good enough,
  • This doesnt have to do with Berimond but jeez.  I submitted a ticket a month ago now.  I received an email that they received it(automated).  Then some lame email to go look at their press release.  I really hate how terrible customer service has become with this game.  They have endless resources to roll out updates and ways to make you spend more but when you lose money do to an error you may or may not ever see that and if you do youve already paid to replace what you lost in the first place.   Even back a few months ago the service was decent but now its just awful.  This game is just turning into a huge money grab yet you dont even understand that you make more getting less from more payees then more from a few.  Customer service is also something that will be making people leave and ive seen some big spenders leave recently stating that its due to these factors.  Ok last complaint at the very least when someone writes for an update on a ticket they submitted over a month ago a response even if its were still working on it seems appropriate..
    VeeWeeZY @ usa 1

  • To me, the berimond invasion is going good. Except that in this time, there was one in the Great Empire and one in the Berimond Empire. Waste of time just doing this if I see no change. :disappointed:
  • Just an FYI.  I took all of the back and forth documentation with cs to my bank and they agreed that a charge back was warranted.  So now GGE is trying to hold me hostage, they have suspended my account and informed me they will keep my account suspended until I have the charge back removed.  lol Black mail is against the law.  And this also opens up GGE to all kinds of charge backs :)  When I contacted my bank about the latest update, they informed me they(my bank) can go back the past 3 months and issue a charge back for every purchase to GGE for that time frame. lol

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