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Statement Regarding Compensation for Berimond and Server Issues

CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
edited 12.10.2016 in Update Announcements US

Dear community,

The team has decided that players with top rankings will receive the reward as if they should had won in the moment the event was ended, taking into consideration faction and reward rotation on the respective server.

In addition to that, all players who were participating in Berimond, will receive a compensation package with horror units and Berimond tools.


Deathly Horror 50
Demon Horror 50

Berimond Shield 50
Paw Ladder 50

Deathly Horror 100
Demon Horror 100

Berimond Shield 200
Paw Ladder 300

We will also be sending a gift in the upcoming days for all the recent trouble and server issues.

We apologize for the delay and all inconveniences.

Please leave any feedback or questions in HERE.

Your Goodgame Empire team
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