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Hotfix: Week starting 05.09

CM EvokeCM Evoke Posts: 801
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Hey guys,

We plan to have the hotfix on Monday or Tuesday next week. More info to follow.

Here is a list of the issues that should be fixed;
  • Attack - Commander icon does not update when switching your hero in the equipment menu.

  • Player info - Window opens in the background/only opens when closing previous windows

  • World map - Preselected castle or outpost for starting a spy attack is not the closest to target

  • Travel Overview - Movement dialogue shows another unit when clicking on unit information.

  • Nomad Invasion - The espionage window has a drop-down button that doesn't work

  • Berimond - Defense tools already placed in castle defense display in kingdom transfer dialogue

  • Berimond/Samurai Invasion - Reward achieved window closes after clicking the info button

  • Berimond Event - Gallantry Points - Users are incorrectly ranked in the Highscore sheet

  • Offers - Some VIP time tooltips have incorrect/misleading information

  • Kings market - issues with closing windows within the UI

  • Kingdoms - Slums: The name of the player's castle is getting more and more cut off every time you open the village donate menu

  • Travelling Knights - The plus and minus buttons are still clickable/not greyed out when there is only 1 relic piece required.

  • Combined Event Reward Pop-up - Opening an info-icon and closing it causes underlying windows to appear instead.

  • Alliance Alien Invasion - rewards: kingdom resources were not added to alliance funds


  • World Map - Preset attack - Event units are not placed

  • Espionage - Sabotage: Legendary targets exceeding player's level by 50 can be spied on but not sabotaged

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  • CM EvokeCM Evoke Posts: 801
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    Hey guys,

    The hotfix should take place between 12:00 and 2:00pm CET, and the downtime will last approx. 25 minutes. 

    Thank you for your patience.

    - Rosie
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