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Update: Crafty Strategies

Drones echo across the lands, the horns of war are sounding strangely peculiar today! As you prepare yourselves to deal with the oncoming hordes, your strategist presents you with an all new plan, a more efficient method of striking back at the heart of the cowards that dared attack you. In the meantime, the Empire's finest architects have managed to refine materials in ways never seen before...time for some upgrades!

This week's update brings the long awaited build items crafting system! Along with pre-set attacks and an all new attack horn! Read on, lords and ladies!

Crafting has arrived!

Build Item Crafting

  • Build items can now be crafted!

  • In order to craft a construction item, you’ll need access to the Construction Yard, and Blueprints

  • Blueprints are available through a brand new research tree

  • The majority of common build items will already be unlocked for construction, but for others, you’ll have to research the blueprints

  • Each item will have its own blueprint research, split into rarity levels. The higher the level of research you do on a specific item, the better the item you can craft will be.


  • You’ll need materials in order to craft build items!

  • The lower level items will only use regular resources, but for further levels, you’ll need the previous level of the item you’re trying to craft as well as some materials

  • Obtaining materials can be done through material bags, which can be obtained through the Nomads, Samurai and Berimond events for now, in activity rewards and the in-event shops (for the Nomads and Samurai). More methods of obtaining Material Bags will follow in the future

  • You can also disassemble your old build items, receiving a percentage of the materials used to create them, back. Higher level build items will give you 100% of their costs back.

  • Materials will have their own inventory, that isn’t capped

Other Important Notes

  • For this first iteration, only a certain amount of build items will be available for crafting. These include super cool bonuses like up to +5 troops per recruitment slot!

  • Only Medium sized Material Bags will be available for now, but others will follow

  • Common Material Bags (containing only common materials) may be purchased in Prime Days, but rarer materials will only be available through playing

  • Build items will be removed from event rewards and vendors, but Material Bags will make their way in

  • The Materials for Farmhouse and Bakery build items will only be available through daily Nobility Contests.

  • The Randomness of the Material Bags will differ, with some bags giving you a higher chance of specific materials

  • The removed Farmhouse build item will have a higher bonus than it’s craftable successor, meaning players that have purchased this prior to the update, won’t be disadvantaged for spending rubies on the item rather than waiting to craft it.

Pre-set attack configurations

You asked for it, we delivered! You’ll now have the option to set up a series of preset attacks, perfect for dealing with those pesky Robber Barons, or marching through the event kingdoms.

  • You will now be able to save preset attack configurations

  • These configurations will save a specific set up of troops/tools, and can be used on all waves, or individual waves

  • Everyone will get one free preset, which cannot be renamed, and can only be applied to one wave at a time

  • Other presets can be purchased (up to 5 maximum). Once one is purchased, all of the previous and future presets can be renamed and applied to all waves

  • All you have to do is set up an attack, choose your preset and click ‘Save Preset’, then you can use it over and over!

New Attack Horn

  • The attack horn is changing! Instead of separate horns, all horns will now be merged

  • This new 3-part horn will display how many Alliance, Personal and Alliance City attacks are incoming

  • We have also made the horn smaller, and moved its location, within the attack window, as to not cover any of the important elements of the interface

Other Changes

  • The attack screen has received some tweaks, allowing you to access more information before you click to send your attack

  • The Nomads and Samurai events will now have activity rewards, much like the War of the Realms, allowing you to gain individual rewards for taking part in the event

We've also created another video to show you through some of the features; 

This update is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Wednesday the 3rd of August, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 12 Noon CEST.

All the best,

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