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Final Storm Islands Compensation

Hey everyone,

It seems like there’s some confusion as to what happened over the weekend, regarding the aforementioned compensation and gift for the Storm Islands issues we experienced, so we’d like to clear things up a bit by providing you with an overview of what was sent and when.

A Gift containing VIP Time, Wheel of Fortune tickets and Shield Walls, as well as a Compensation Package involving Ranged Troops , Grimacing Shields, Grappling Hooks, Mantlets, Scaling Ladders and Food, were distributed at around 19:00 CET on Friday, the 1st of July 2016. The Gift had to be opened (appearing as a GGS Gift), but the compensation package went directly into your account. These packages were then available for 48 Hours and contained slightly different contents/quantities depending on player level. The distribution was as follows:

Level 35-54

Level 55-69

Level 70+

72hrs VIP Time

72hrs VIP Time

72hrs VIP Time

9 Wheel of Fortune tickets

18 Wheel of Fortune tickets

27 Wheel of Fortune tickets

20 Shield Walls

40 Shield Walls

80 Shield Walls

300 Crossbowmen of the Kingsguard

400 Traveling Crossbowmen

500 Deathly Horrors

75 Grimacing Shields

200 Grimacing Shields

400 Grimacing Shields

75 Grappling Hooks

200 Grappling Hooks

400 Grappling Hooks

200 Scaling Ladders

400 Scaling Ladders

500 Scaling Ladders

200 Mantlets

400 Mantlets

500 Mantlets

28800 Food

38400 Food

48000 Food

We’re aware that the package provided may not compensate all of the losses, especially for our higher leveled and ranked players. However, we felt that this package was the most balanced way to compensate the majority of players involved. If you believe that the package did not satisfy the losses you personally incurred, you are more than welcome to contact our Support Team.

All the best,

Your Empire Team


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