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Update 16.06.2016 - Friends and Future Technology

After the chaos that ensued with the first Battle for the Royal Capital, this week’s update will be a tad smaller, giving us time to let the dust settle. It’ll introduce a brand new look for the Research Tree, a chance to keep your eyes on your friends, and some more neat features! Read on for more information!

Research tree redesign!

The research tree is getting a brand new makeover! This change will lead the way for future additions, and should make it a lot easier to see which tree you’re progressing through, and what lies in wait for future research options.

  • Instead of 3 separate segments, the research tree will now appear as one large expansion of choices, with 3 tracks

  • There will be no new research available yet, but this will give you a more in depth view of how you are progressing with your research

Friends across the kingdom

Warriors from alliances all across the kingdoms have been asking for a way to better keep track of their friends, even if they aren’t a part of their own alliance or noble house. Well, your wish has been granted, we’re introducing a friends list!

  • You’ll now be able to invite players to become your friend on Empire

  • Once you accept a player as a friend, you’ll be able to see each other’s online status, level, distance from you, alliance name, and their total might points

  • Players that you invite to the game will automatically be added to your friends list, and you’ll be able to differentiate between them and other friends, allowing you to see how they’re progressing

  • The Friends List is accessible from the ‘Recruit a Friend’ menu

  • You can also set yourself to appear offline, if you want to sneak on for some late night Empire!

Other Changes

  • You can now purchase a prebuilt camp or castle when joining the other kingdoms, and other temporary events, much like with Berimond, making it easier to progress and level up.

  • A new points event will reward you with points for obtaining troops in various ways, not just through recruitment

  • Our update videos will be linked to the home screen.

As always, feel free to leave any thoughts or questions in THIS DISCUSSION.


Your Empire CM Team

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