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Discussion: Making A List Of All Current Glitches

Coolking4716 (US1)Coolking4716 (US1) Posts: 4,538

Hey Guys, I am working on putting together a list of all current glitches, and I need your help to put the list together.

All glitches listed will be put into a word document and given to the Devs

I ask that when commenting you keep it semi-positive, Thanks :)


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  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 06.05.2016
    Sometimes my castles and outposts disappear from my maps and/or having the screen flashing at me anywhere even while inside of my castles or outposts or while traveling to different kingdoms. Does that count as a glitch? I don't necessarily have problems with this every day and I am probably not the only one who has this problem, but it happens often and is annoying. I am sure that this might be something that Goodgame Studios could fix. But even if they don't fix it I might still spend a lot of time on Goodgame Empire, because I really like this game. That is just one example of what I think might be a glitch and I am sure there probably are others as well. 
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 06.05.2016
    Also, I think that this might be a good place in the Forum for fixing bugs (glitches), because I have seen complaints about them often in the Forum.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • Relis (ASIA1)Relis (ASIA1) Posts: 1,402
    When I try to visit an OP,A black screen appears
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  • I came across another glitch. Whenever I try to click on something like the Berimund Invasion for example and others the screen that is supposed to show may disappear from me which is annoying, because I may have to refresh the browser to fix the problem.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • maybe all the glitches are just 1 big glitch and are all linked???? :o:o :O 
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  • TempranceTemprance Posts: 858
    This thread is meant to identify and fix bugs/glitches in the game. Irrelevant comments aren't appreciated and will be deleted. 


    Temprance @ usa 1
  • I feel like these threads pop up all the time...but whatever. Can't hurt...in a car on the way to a meeting. 

    OP positions switch on the overview when going between them: they are supposed to go in order of which one you got first, if I'm on my soldier recruit screen, my third captured OP is first, hospital/tools my second is first and my first captured OP is always the second.

    The new "collect all the rewards with one button"....fail

    Burrows and attacks/spied (but not sabos) take anywhere between 2 and 8 seconds to calculate and begin their return trip.

    You can "overskip" meaning use skips over the time period that is required, losing skips.

    Gems are bugged, mainly loot ones. The percentage boost isn't modifying on the increased base.

    Resources weren't returned last underworld thingy (whatever is was), though this may be an intentional nerf

    There are more, just some to hand out there. 
    WiseDaniel @ usa 1
  • Please fix the forum. I keep on getting "maintenance" or "something went wrong" in the Forum a lot starting today which might be from another glitch.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • TempranceTemprance Posts: 858
    Please fix the forum. I keep on getting "maintenance" or "something went wrong" in the Forum a lot starting today which might be from another glitch.
    I am getting this a lot as well, I suspect it is a result of the surge of users on the forum from this morning. It will be investigated.


    Temprance @ usa 1
  • whats with the wheel this morning, it stops on jackpot everytime but only once.and then you have to restart everything(ie. restart computer and game then avoid the wheel because it forces you to reload game to get past it)
  • And you lose your tickets very anoying
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  • several times I tried to ask for alliance help on buildings and kept getting an error msg, but it woul go away if I logged out and then back in again.
  • SKINK (AU1)SKINK (AU1) Posts: 690
    There has been a tower "glitch" for a LONG time...
    I figured I might ask about it...
    Notice how if you upgrade or put out a fire in a tower it lags for a few seconds...
    But this doesn't happen with anything else...
    Anyone else experienced this problem?
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  • I also noticed that when trying to add a gem a few times to Castlellane there was an error msg and my gem dissappeared.
  • I also sent resources about 4 times for my daily task and it didnt even register, just ignored it and I never completed all of my tasks to get the rubies because of it.
  • David Noble (US1)David Noble (US1) Posts: 2,552
    edited 20.05.2016
    I have another glitch and it is an annoying one. I click on the red and green hands for help, but sometimes I have to click on the red and green hands a second time before I can get the help that I need for increasing healing speed or recruiting extra soldiers, because the red and green hands that was grey turns back to what it looked like before I clicked on the buttons for help while still healing and/or recruiting, and some of my soldiers for healing or extra recruitment may disappear from the screen before I can get enough help as well.
    David Noble @ usa 1
  • Breezey (US1)Breezey (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    the visit other castles button is not working after updates installed
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