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Update: From the Shadows

All across the Empire, brave lords and ladies have been sending expeditions to the outer kingdoms; laying siege to the scoundrels inhabiting the lands, helping the locals to stabilize their communities, and segmenting their place in history. The caravans going to and from these kingdoms has given some of the Empire’s finest explorers an idea….easier access to the outer kingdoms, for a fee of course.

There are also whispers of shadowy figures resurging around the Great Empire, seeming to be more adept than their predecessors.


Shadow units rising from the darkness

As the generals and troops of the lords and ladies of the land have become better equipped, as well as more physically adept and capable, the Shadow Commander  has sent his troops on a rigorous training regime, bringing forth a new breed of stygian warriors, ready to cause havoc for the highest bidder.

  • All new Deathly Shadows and Demon Shadows are available for recruitment from the shadow mercenaries camp

  • These strong units can still only be used in shadow attacks, but are almost as strong as regular horrors, perfect for anonymously striking down a pesky target

  • As you level up, your Shadow Commander will also be stronger

  • Some shadow tools have been reduced in price


Earlier access to the kingdoms

A bunch of explorers have realized that there’s money to be made from the adventurous among us, looking to seek out the challenges of the outer kingdoms before their peers. As such, they’ve decided to provide safe passage to the outer kingdoms before the Emperor’s approved prerequisites, for a price.

  • Players will now be able to access the Everwinter Glacier, Burning Sands and Fire Peaks kingdoms earlier, for a ruby fee

  • The Everwinter Glacier will be available from Level 18, Burning Sands from level 35 and the Fire Peaks from level 45.

  • Players can also use the ruby option to unlock the kingdoms regularly, rather than using resources.

  • These early access options are intended to allow players to progress faster through the levels and challenge themselves further.


Other Changes

  • Rewards for events can now be collected in a single window, rather than multiple pop ups

  • Buildings and Decorations will now display how many power points they provide in the info panel

  • A level restriction has been put in place for Sabotage/Espionage
    • Level 1 players can now only spy/sabotage up to level 51, level 10’s up to level 60 and level 20 and above, level 70’s and onwards.
This update is planned to go live at 12 Noon CET today! There will also be a bug list available!

When the update goes live, there will also be a server move for the ASIA, HK and TW servers. These servers will be offline for 1-2 hours.

Let us know your opinion and any questions you may want answering in THIS THREAD.

Best regards,

Your Empire Team.

(Apologies for the late announcement!)


  • CM ArcanineCM Arcanine Posts: 4,626
    Hey guys,

    We're aware that the 'Too many troops on the flanks' bug has appeared once again, and as such, we'll be doing a quick fix for this soon. There will be no downtime, but if you're logged in , you will be briefly kicked.


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