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Discussion: Server Downtime 23/24.02



  • Give us 200k rubies each, fire your entire IT team, and burn down your server farm if it has not already and we will call it even gge.
  • It would be appreciated if some one in GGE would give us a estimate of when the usa 1 server will be back on line. we are sure that there is some one in GGE that has some knowledge of when it will be bck on line 
    i think everyone is home for the evening in germany now.   if they left anyone working on the solution it is 2 blind squirrels and 1 poo flinging monkey furiously tapping keyboards in the off chance they might hit the right keys to fix the problem
    They have an office here in the US that Popeye said would not be going home until the issue is fixed, however, he lives in Germany and does have to sleep from time too time!
    In the business world when one person has to leave, another takes his place. It's called shifts. If gee cared or were an efficient business they would hire enough people to keep their customers informed 24/7.

    Indeed! I just can't believe people are about too riot, like, there is such a thing as reality...you can even interact with it. If you try.
  • Kingd0mKing (US1)Kingd0mKing (US1) US1 Posts: 111
    I just want to know when I can get on GGE again and if my troups will have starved or not...
  • GGE - The only cloud-based company still using tapes as a backup medium. Only 4 more hours, guys! Backup Exec is the bestest!
  • Anyone bored of no GGE? I tried out Farmville and it blows but its fun to screw around....anyone interested reach lvl 6 and join my cooperative "Marajuana farm" so we can take over the server in these days of affliction GGE has brought upon us

       Douginator @ usa1
  • I hope that Roll-Back will be done sooner than later.....
    GrimmSword (US1)
    Wisdom is an acquired skill learned over time
  • keep getting booted from the forum this is getting worse
    it's now 3:30 pm and still no game
    when is it going to be fixed ?
    Cowboys100 @ usa 1
  • hey monster and bg i been here cant log in its dark reaper i been reading tryin to keep up with everything
    hey hey dark! Its quickly becoming a BC party up in here :open_mouth:

    so far all I've gathered it was a power outage over here at their US/HIS server farm and they didn't notice til they got in the office over in germany in the morning... (which in tune put us at 3am eastern) -- been very few acknowledgments in the morning hours from CMs of whats going on, but in turn supposed to be brought up to just 18 minutes before the events ended... last update was around 11am (eastern) when CM said he was going home for the day and that the server rollback was in progress... we now playin the click, refresh, wait, repeat game -- not been a great day, quite boring actually.....

    I think I get more done when the game is online than I do when it's off cause this thread is going crazy... have to check it every 10m to keep up rather than every 30m recruiting :)
    Sound the BattleHorn!

    (I don't sleep...) LOL
  • gopher42 (US1)gopher42 (US1) US1 Posts: 33
    anyone want to take bets on when the server will be back online?  Closest is the winner?
  • vivian1963 (US1)vivian1963 (US1) Posts: 52
    edited 24.02.2016
    it is still down even though they are trying to say its back up and running . I want to know what they are on so that I can take some and hallucinate with them. Now they are all home for the night. so maybe we might have the server back in a few days. sounds to me like someone did not pay there bill. Now that the server went down and money is being lost by the millions they payed the bill and we all know how that goes it can take up too 24 hrs to restore services.  power outage my butt.
    vivian1963 @ usa 1
  • ted1945 (US1)ted1945 (US1) US1 Posts: 173
    anyone want to take bets on when the server will be back online?  Closest is the winner?
    You talking hour, day or year?

  • Scene One: Interior - US1 Server Room
    IT Guy 1: "We need to get this damn thing fixed ASAP, there are people who have been waiting over 24 hours!"
    IT Guy 2: "I need a new CAT5 cable STAT!, Run that diagnostic again!"
    IT Guy 3: "This is it fellas, we should be back online in a few minutes! Call everyone! Tell them we'll be live in 5 minutes!"

    Scene Two: Interior - GGE Forums (another 24 hours later)
    GGS Representative: (Silence)
    - Kit Cloudkicker (US1)

  • gopher42 (US1)gopher42 (US1) US1 Posts: 33
    I'm in for real
  • I'm online, don't no about you guys
  • way to go GGE, game up and food shortage in 5 minutes, BS
    jimbo6 @ usa 1
  • I just got online
    pathguider @ usa 1
  • Sorry, I mean I just got in the game
    pathguider @ usa 1
  • Up. I have a 200K food reading, but no other compensation... I will wait with dwindling hope.

    Findurian @ usa 1
    Proud Deputy of Aerth Legion
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  • it seems people have extra food in some places, and others none at all, I am one of the luckies to have none, lol
    jimbo6 @ usa 1
  • Ginggang (US1)Ginggang (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    I was at day 108 now at 1 i should get back at 108

    Ginggang (US1)
    Red Hydra-General
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