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Discussion: Server Downtime 23/24.02



  • CM PopeyeCM Popeye Posts: 1,713
    We are currently preparing the servers for a rollback to a point just before they went down last night. This means there will be no losses, but all progress after that point will be lost unfortunately. I have no info about compensation atm, but will pass on any that I get as it comes in.

    Yes, the ticket system is also down. I guess you have no choice but to hold of on the tickets for now then. We are of course working on it.

  • Warrior_Lord (US1)Warrior_Lord (US1) US1 Posts: 2,225
    dis blows
    Proud member of Good Company

    Cheat on your girlfriends, not your workouts.

  • naw, get one of the monster accounts from an active evony server to show them what a real wargame looks like.
    4,000,000,000/hr + food bill to feed the troops in those things. yes, over four billion an hour food bleed.

    but then, 400 million scouts, 50 million catapults, 20 million battering rams, 5 million each cataphract and cavalry, 2 million transporters ( carts ) 25 million ballista, 20 million archers, 1 million pikemen, 1 million swordsmen, 2 million warriors, 2 million workers eat a lot.

    that is why evony is overrun with bots, big players have 50 to 100 alt accounts on bots to feed their main resources.
    Jaquilynne @ usa 1
  • JLNorthGA (US1)JLNorthGA (US1) US1 Posts: 109
    This amount of downtime is surprising for company whose product is based on computer technology.

    Perhaps y'all ought to change the company that is in charge of your servers.
    JLNorthGA @ usa 1
  • I hope they are ready to pay back anything that was lost because of this.
    bob1958 @ usa 1
  • Bambinol (US1)Bambinol (US1) US1 Posts: 42
    it says they had a power outage at the server farm.
    a roll back would be the most sensible thing to do however it comes with consequences
    the support guys hopefully are on top of this 
    sgt Bambino

  • If I did my job this slow I would be fired.
    bob1958 @ usa 1
  • Maybe GGE, you need a more reliable source of power at your server farm.

    LadySibley @ usa 1
  • they really cant give you more time in storm because it would interfere with next months event.  So I have a feeling we'll get the GGS usually response which is.  FU, buy more rubies.
    4james20 @ usa 1
  • billdo09 (US1)billdo09 (US1) US1 Posts: 375
    not buying roobs this am is making me itch

    billdo09 @ usa 1

  • I fully agree on the lack of customer feedback (by email or otherwise), and the complete aloofness of GGE...but servers DO crash from time to time, so I can't really blame them for that. I certainly expect GGE to provide compensation of sort. But perhaps it is too much to expect from the accountants there.
    cal3cal @ usa 1
  • The server can mess up.  Aeria games server mess up and every who played Golden Age loss their characters forever. 
    Priestley @ usa 1
  • Yes they mess up but never for this long. Maybe they need to have support there 24/7/365 like most companies do.
    bob1958 @ usa 1
  • Roy II (US1)Roy II (US1) US1 Posts: 15
    or at least have a backup server farm for this kind of problem, kinda like a backup generator.
  • I was on when it went down, it was 15 minutes before the end of ice event and foreign invasion.  I know because our alliance was trying to stay in the top 5 and I was looking at the point totals.  It has now been 18 hours and we are still locked out.

    If they can reset the clock and go back to when the server went down, that should prevent massive troop loss, but they need to get the system going again soon.  Otherwise, people might wake up and not be addicted to this GGE cash cow.  LOL

  • jim smith (US1)jim smith (US1) US1 Posts: 28
    I feel bad for the folks that bought rubies prior to the server going down, because who knows when the last backup prior to the server going down actually was. Any rubies you purchased will disappear, and they already have your money.
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