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Discussion: Update - Berimond Invades the Great Empire



  • If you are a non-ruby buyer, you can still have fun and achieve a lot in this game.  But you are never going to come close to challenging the ruby buyers in events and contests.  And there's no way GGS is going to make it so you can...ever.  

    Have to have different goals.

    I agree that as a non ruby buyer I can never compete with ruby whales.  However it used to be that I could be competitive with occasional ruby buyers with enough time/effort output.  With the new "economic model" it simply is not possible.  I have said it before but if GGS continues with this model it will lose me. 

    I understand the game needs to make money or it cannot exist but it also cannot exist without players willing to give ruby buyers some modicum of competition.  In the current model I cannot realistically advance. 

    I implore GGS to rethink their current strategy.  I have enjoyed this game immensely. I do not wish to leave it but in its current state I find no joy in playing. 
  • @Peter John (US1) one of the questions that remains unanswered is why we can not have a slot or two slots to recruit the Berimond troops we all know the troop strength of those troops is superior to the ones we normally use in other Kingdoms...

    The way that GGE set it up is by adding Reputation to replace the old way of building camps and adding drill grounds to increase our troop strength...Only problem is you have to be a ruby buyer to get that boost...unless you have the rubbies already and can purchase the Reputation Booster..

    Just another short fall to make the non-ruby buyer come up short...

    About the Ore I can still loot Ore but it is such a small amount now it is almost not even worth hitting to loot it..another way GGE is phasing out looting to make it where a player has to buy the resources from the merchant now.. 
    Hi, I revised my statement on berimond troop recruiting. After you unlock it via gallantry title, you can actually recruit those. Even in outer kingdom. But I don't think we have morale boost in this in-kingdom event like the traditional one.

    Good to know that Ore can be looted, I bet it's because when the event started I was lvl 69, hence my camps stuck orelessly. I guess this is standard GGS incompetence developer approach. The whole event is determined at the beginning, there many other like that like group ranking, you may have lvl 70 stuck in lv 60-69 grouping just because that person started in that group when the event started and then level up later during the even. We know this for years now, lulz.
  • I am of the same opinion of the majority. While I consider myself a moderate-low buyer I will reduce this even more if I buy any rubies at all. So to save yourself some space, time and effort you can stop sending me the "exclusive" offers and pop-ups for me only that many across the map also get. Who knows maybe this will help with the server and lag issues we continue to be plagued with. I am not ranting, nor do I really care what direction you decide to is what it is, you have proven that over and over gge. I am here only to chat/hang with friends, do what I can do and play until I decide I am done, you have destroyed most the "fun" of the game, nice job...ooh rah!

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  • Our alliance has collectively decided to stop Berimond and Nomads participation.  The update is a total bust and will cost GGE players and sales.
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    Berimond is a very poor rework and as many have posted favors the players willing to spend rubies.  Where the resources are a nice touch, the amount of food and coin vs troops lost and tools used is way out balanced.
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  • we use those coins that the nomads and sams to play this game as non ruby buyers sorry we cant use rubies in the technicus like you freakin precious ruby buyers can and for a lot of people looked forward to nomad for coins including me since fire is as close as you can get to that amount of coins but the losses are a lot higher now with this update for lowering coins i'm still not going to hit fire towers since its too costly and i really wont do nomad much either since its now not even worth it !!!!!!
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    whats the point of us non ruby buyers playing at this point its clear time and time again that  you guys at GGS don't wan't us and with the lowering of coins your making it more and more clear that this is a wallet game and no a pleasure game
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  • I hate this new Brimond update, I lose more troops than before, and don't get the coin needed to heal or rebuild! Bring back the old one, cause this is ridiculous. The only reason I'm attacking them right now is because I don't want to lose my imperial troops or my food, without them I can't attack anyone my level and conserve at least a decent amount of troops or keep them feed.
    Too broke to buy rubies, and wouldn't even if I had the money.
  • the coins will probably be the same now after the update if it was the new beri event or the old one
  • whether they bring back or not unless they increase the coins back up nothing will change 
  • The new update is trash! i loss to much men for nothing, no glory for the battles! i think most of us that are not ruby players, don't like it!
  • The reduce in coins like other people said is not very beneficial I can understand why you downgraded it from 20k coins each time but now I only get about 3k from them which in my opinion does not cover the cost of attacking the camps.  I usually lose about 50 troops each time if I use full mantles and 3k coin will not cover me training up 50 more troops.  Can you consider changing it to about 7k-10k per hit.  I know that sounds like a lot to ask to change it again but you can see that a lot of other people aren't reacting well to this update either.
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  • so literally every non ruby buyer who might of had some or alot of coins will slowly have a decrease in coins since the cost of getting new troops will exceed the amount gained from hitting them so for a lot of players that did those two events for coins only including me the events become all but pointless
  • Just a side note  I really miss the last man standing all out wars  in the old beri  
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  • i remember that when people actually could beat the event
  • ROFL..."effect on the balancing of the game".....priceless!

    GGE did that a long time ago...why not just do away with the non-ruby buyer player and be done with it.

    Agreed! Just go ahead and make this a "Pay to Play" game! Then the rest of us can find a good support group to talk about how "My addiction to GGE ruined my like!" LOL But seriously though... I heard StormFall is fun.
  • lol

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    I think that Berimund tents (Gerbrandt and Ursidae) are supposed to be very similar to Foreign Castles (including their soldiers which are somewhat similar to kingsguard as well in addition to kingdom resources for higher level players), but their tents do not attack castles and you get reputation and gallantry points instead of glory. That would explain why you don't get much gold coins for attacking them. They are very different than Nomad and Samuri Camps and have more in common with Foreign Castles than Nomad or Samuri Camps.
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  • It is just a bad deal all the way around and very demotivating for newer to mid level players. It will surely lead to a steep decline in the ruby sales for GGE and it will be their own doing.
  • if GGE insists on lowering the coins for nomad and samarai then increase what all the different towers give by 10k-20k coins then no one will mind as much and this will make people even happier since people don't have to wait for nomads to get those coins!!!!!!!!!!!
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