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Update: Architectural Advancements

We’re excited to unveil our first biggest new feature of 2016 for Goodgame Empire, the Build Items.

The Architect has been working day and night, slaving away over zany blueprints, trying to make his mark on the kingdom forever. One day it all just clicked. Huzzah! He’s done it! The invention that will make everyone remember the Architect for generations to come, items that can enhance the power of a building and even entirely change its appearance.

What are Build Items?

These Build Items are powerful new ways to improve your already existing buildings. Just pop them in and hey presto! Your building will be stronger, faster, or just plain prettier than before.

  • Once you reach Level 45, you’ll be granted access to a new building (through a quest),the Construction yard

  • In order to unlock the slots for a location, a Construction yard must be built there (in the Castle, Capital, Metropolis, or Outpost)

  • This building cannot be built in the Storm Islands, Blade Coast, Underworld, Thorn King, or Berimond events

  • The Construction yard will eventually have 3 levels that unlock additional slots. To start with, only one level will be available, granting access to the Primary and Appearance slots

  • In the future, you’ll be able to craft your own build items, but for now, they’ll be available through contests, prime days, and the Armorer


Slots and Build Item Types

  • Upon building the Construction yard, you’ll gain access to the Primary and Appearance slots

  • The Primary slot will be used for Build Items that are bound to a specific building type and usually affect the main stats of the building (for example: production values)

  • The Appearance slot will be for items that completely alter the appearance of a specific building and provide a minor statistical boost

  • Bonuses attached to appearance items will always be the same, ensuring that you don’t have to lose out on a specific aesthetic for the sake of stats


Extra Info

  • Build Items will be available in various rarities, just like regular equipment/gems. The rarer it is, the more valuable the bonus will be.

  • As with gems, Build Items will have levels.

  • There will be a separate inventory, purely for Build Items

  • You can replace a build item in a slot with another in a couple of different ways:

    • Replacing the item with another will work instantly, but the original item will be lost

    • Removing the old item will place it back into your inventory for a small coin fee

  • If a location containing a Construction yard is captured or abandoned, the Build Items will automatically be removed and returned to the original owner’s inventory

  • To begin with, there will be items available for the Bakery, Barracks, Keep, Hospital and Drill Ground


Other Changes

  • A pop-up will now inform you that the project you were researching has completed

  • Various bugs have been resolved

As always, please leave any feedback or questions in THIS DISCUSSION.

Best regards,

Your Empire CM Team

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